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By Shilpa | Feb 10, 2020 06:46 PM

The Under 19 World Cup Final between India and Bangladesh ended a bit on a disappointing note when Bangladesh players clashed with their Indian counterparts while celebrating the victory.

Bangladesh Players Abuse Indians; Will ICC Take Serious Action

Now, Indian team manager Anil Patel has said that International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken the matter seriously and will be reviewing the content of the last few minutes.

Indian skipper Priyam Garg was quoted as saying, “We don't know what actually happened. Everybody was in a shock, absolutely, but we don't know what happened exactly. The ICC officials are going to watch the footage of the last few minutes and they are going to let us know.”

Patel further said that match referee Graeme Labrooy met him and expressed regret at what had happened. “The referee came to me. He was sorry about the incident. He clarified the ICC is going to take very seriously what has happened during the match and the last session. They are going to witness the footage and they will tell us the morning (Monday)."

The Bangladeshi players were quite aggressive from the start, sledging their Indian counterparts and unnecessarily getting in their faces. Though the bowlers bowled well, they also launched verbal volleys on Indian batsmen.

When Bangladesh hit the winning runs, they seemed to taunt the Indian batsmen, who gave it back to them. The ugly confrontation was pulled back into control by on-field umpires and support staff.

Meanwhile, netizens and sports aficionados haven taken to social media, urging ICC to take strong action. Let’s wait and watch as to what unfolds.

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