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By Saradha | Jul 22, 2020 07:41 PM

With a paradigm shift in consumer’s perception of beauty, cosmetic products and brands have been redefining themselves to fulfil the demands of consumers in contemporary times. Eldia Pure Coconut Oil is one such brand that has recently taken bold steps towards busting the myths around conventional notions of beauty. The brand aims at redefining beauty by focusing on an honest, consistent and dedicated effort towards oneself and their wellbeing rather than making promises of quick fixes and miracles. 

Raashi Khanna on Eldia Coconut oil providing nourishment head to toe

Actor Raashi Khanna, the brand ambassador of the product expressed that she was delighted to be associated with the brand. She has also spoken about the importance of self-care and the need to look at it as a commitment to oneself rather than looking at it as a luxury. 

She shared how using Eldia Coconut oil has personally helped her and is fetching wonderful results. She also elucidated on how the brand stands apart from its counterparts since it provides head to toe nourishment and promises a holistic self- care routine. From being a massage oil to makeup remover or serving as an anti-cellulite serum, the product’s versatility makes it hard to resist.  

She represents the voice of happy customers who have noted that the product has become a part of their self-care regime. Eldia Pure Coconut Oil believes in giving customers the care they deserve from #HeadtoToe



We’re extremely happy to announce that Raashi Khanna @raashikhannaoffl is the Brand Ambassador of Eldia Pure Coconut Oil. We’re very excited to have someone who’s absolutely beautiful from head to toe joining the Eldia family. Keep watching this space for updates and self care tips from Raashi and give yourself the care you deserve from #HeadToToe with Eldia Pure Coconut Oil. #Eldia #EldiaPureCoconutOil #RaashiKhanna #SelfCare #CareYouDeserve #BrandAmbassador #SkinCare #HairCare #CoconutOil #Nourish

Posted by Eldia Pure Coconut Oil on Sunday, 19 July 2020

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