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By Anumaggie | May 20, 2022 07:21 PM

Boat surprises a 11-year-old visually impaired boy by appointing him as CEO. A related video has gone viral on social media.

11 year old visually impaired boy becomes Boat CEO for a day

Prathamesh Sinha

Prathamesh Sinha from India is visually impaired. The 11-year-old invented the ‘Annie’ tool to educate the blind. The well-known Prathamesh says that he is inspired by people who create new companies. He says his dream is to become an IAS and that his dream is to serve the country. His Instagram page has 57,000 followers. Prathamesh is happy to say that people like him not only from India but also from Pakistan and Australia. In this situation, he has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer by the Boat Company.

11 year old visually impaired boy becomes Boat CEO for a day

One day CEO

Aman Gupta, co-founder of Boat Company, has given a special invitation to Prathamesh Sinha. Following this, Aman Gupta introduced Prathamesh to the staff who came to the head office of the company. After that, all the staff applauded, saying that one day he would appoint the Prathamesh as CEO.

11 year old visually impaired boy becomes Boat CEO for a day

Viral video

Boat founder Aman Gupta has posted a video of his conversation with Prathamesh on his Instagram page. "We celebrate the man who brought a smile to millions of faces. Join us in our efforts to bring a smile to his face. He deserves a quality education. This effort is a kind of help to him for that," he said.

The video of Prathamesh speaking eloquently on the show is currently going viral on social media.



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