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By S Vikram | Nov 05, 2019 06:05 PM

Motivation is very essential for one's life to shatter the odds and run towards the goals. There are many types of motivation and the topmost is self-motivation. When there is self-motivation, innovative ideas automatically generates like the popular Vadivelu hit comedy in the Tamil film 'Kathavarayan'.

College professor action resembles Vadivelu hit toy comedy

In the film, Vadivelu comes as an aspiring businessman and all his moves end in a comical tragedy. In one of the scenes, he comes as a street-side toy shop owner.

In order to pull the audience, Vadivelu wears the costume of a toy and sits in front of his shop, thus resembling the shape of a toy.  Similar to this popular Vadivelu comedy one professor from UCLA Los Angeles who goes by the name Quyen Di has introduced a new innovative method using toys to motivate the students.

Quyen would bring a bagful of cute toys every week to reward hardworking students. One of the students of the Vietnamese professor Quyen had shot a video of the professor who takes out a number of toys from his bag and places it on the desk.

The student Amy has shared the video of the professor taking out all the toy gifts from his bag with the caption “i’m crying my viet professor brings us stuffed animals every week to reward us for our hard work.” (sic)

In the video, we could also see the whispering sound of girls who are behind the camera.  The video has gone viral on twitter crossing over 7 million views with plenty of retweets and likes.

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