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By S Vikram | Oct 31, 2019 10:44 AM

Of late, there has been a widespread campaign supporting the movement of women empowerment through different mediums. Be it a simple facebook post or an extensive debate, the space is now open for the much-discussed topic of the decade.

Bigil Vijay, singappenney women football viral video twitter

Bigil is one such movie that showcased the capabilities of women in playing football. Right after the theme of the film was released, a sudden football buzz started occupying social media apart from other sports that embrace the presence of women. The film has actor Vijay playing the lead apart from other star cast.

Bigil was released on October 25 and people started raving about the participation of women in the football game shown in the film. It looks like the buzz has shifted more netizens to share the videos of 'Singapenneys' around the world. One such video that became viral crossing thousands of views surfaced on Twitter that showcases the brave act of women football players on the field.

In the video, a woman playing football could be seen tackling the opponent players swiftly. At one point, she gets hit by a fellow player and her hijab goes down. Soon after the incident, the opponent team players form a circle around her and help to bring back her into the comfort zone. As per the caption of the twitter user who shared the video, the woman who got hit belongs to Jordan. The video  not just shows the capacity of women sports but also the generosity and undue spirit of the game on the field.