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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Apr 22, 2019 05:35 PM

Sara Hinesley, a 10-year-old girl took the world by shock after she won the 2019 Nicholas Maxim award for her cursive handwriting. She is a third-grade student at St. John's Regional Catholic School in Frederick, Maryland, who paints and draws and sculpts clay. She can also write in English and some Mandarin.

10-Year-Old Girl Born Without Hands, Wins Handwriting Competition

According to NDTV, the Nicholas Maxim award is given annually to two students with special needs - one for print writing, the other for script. On learning how to write in cursive this year, Sara said, she thought it was "kind of easy." Meanwhile, Sara's third-grade teacher, Cheryl Churilla says, "I have never heard this little girl say, 'I can't'. She's a little rock star. She tackles absolutely everything you can throw at her, and she gives it her best."

Proud mom, Cathryn Hinesley said "Sara has never worn a prosthetic. When she is offered help or a tool that might ease some tasks - like cutting paper with scissors - she rejects it. She has this independent streak where she just knows that she can do it and she'll figure out her own way". Further adding Hinesley said. "She is beautiful and strong and mighty just the way she is, and she just lives that way. She really does. To write, Sara grips her pencil between her arms. She focuses on the shapes of letters, each point and curve."

On speaking to Sara about her win, she said "Writing in cursive feels like creating artwork. I like the way the letters are formed." Media reports further states that, Sara came to the United States from China about four years ago to join her new family. When she arrived in July 2015, her mother said, she could speak and write in Mandarin. She picked up English quickly with the help of her sister, Veronica.

Sara will receive her national award - a trophy - at an awards ceremony on June 13. The award also comes with a $500 prize.