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By Vinothkumar K | Mar 06, 2022 06:01 PM

According to the Meteorological Department, a depression has formed in the south-western Bay of Bengal.

Sea rage in pondicherry old bridge collapsed

Depression in the Bay of Bengal:

The Meteorological Department has announced that a depression has centered in the Bay of Bengal. Thus the sky will be overcast in some parts of Tamil Nadu. The wind has been blowing fast quite fast. Like Tamil Nadu, the neighboring Union Territory of Pondicherry has been also been experiencing strong winds in the seas since yesterday.

Collapsed Port Bridge:

The ancient port bridge on the Puducherry coast was destroyed by high currents yesterday midnight. The bridge, which was built about a kilometer into the sea, has collapsed for a length of about 100 meters. The bridge was built during the French rule in Pondicherry. After independence, the new bridge was started in 1956 and completed in 1962. But the bridge had been out of use for the past few decades due to dilapidation. It is to be noted that the bridge has functioned as a tourist attraction for years. At one point, the condition of the bridge became even more questionable and public use was forbidden. Only local fishermen have been using it for fishing.

Sea rage in pondicherry old bridge collapsed

Current condition of the bridge:

The bridge had featured in many films. But even though the upper part of the bridge was strong, it was recently completely banned for public use, as the concrete pillars underneath were damaged. In this situation, the pillars of the bridge tilted due to the high wind s that blew yesterday and the bridge collapsed up to 100 meters. The collapse of the port bridge, one of the landmarks of Pondicherry, has caused great grief to the people of the area.

Sea rage in pondicherry old bridge collapsed

Port gate closure:

The port gate has been ordered to close due to the unfortunate incident. Fishermen cast their nets by throwing nets from this bridge. Similarly there were fishermen going fishing in the piper boat near the bridge. The bridge collapsed and the port door was closed, making it impossible for fishermen to enter the sea.

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