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By Sushmetha | Mar 23, 2022 09:54 AM

The video of a young man training to run home after completing his daily work to join the Indian Army went viral on social networking sites. In this case, the young man made a different request.

My success should make noise not my hard work says pradeep mehra

Pradeep Mehra

Pradeep Mehra hails from Barola in Uttarakhand. He is 19. Desperate to join the Indian Army, Pradeep works part-time at a McDonald's restaurant ten kilometers from his home. It is Pradeep's habit to run away from the restaurant and go home after work at night.

In this case, the film director Vinod Capri has randomly driven through the area. That's when he saw Pradeep running. 'Why are you running like this?' Pradeep's response to Vinod's question has left him stunned.

On the run, Pradeep replied, "My ambition is to join the Indian Army. I get up at eight in the morning every day and prepare food so I can't train in the morning. My mother is also in a situation where she can't go out for training due to ill health. I am training, "said Pradeep.



My success should make noise not my hard work says pradeep mehra

In a recent video, Pradeep said - "My phone has been ringing since the video was released, so I could not go to work on time. Rather than my video being talked about like this, my wish is that my success should be talked about like this. Many people call me because of the release of the video. I could not train properly. Also, it distracts me. That is why I refused when asked to do so by many. "

My success should make noise not my hard work says pradeep mehra

Following Pradeep's video viral run, various celebrities have been praising him. In this context, it is noteworthy that Lieutenant General Satish Dua, a former Indian Army officer, has offered to help Pradeep.


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