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By Anumaggie | May 12, 2022 08:35 PM

Lately, many things that take the stage during a wedding have become more and more viral among the people.

MP bride refuses to marry groom after he turns drunk

The past few days have seen a flurry of videos of the bridegroom slapping the groom on the cheek and the bride running down the stage to say no to the wedding.

Above all, the incident where the bride had to marry someone else in anger because the groom arrived several hours late for the wedding was even more viral.

Arrange the jam jam ..

Day by day, at the time when the marriage was to take place, events are happening in such a way that no one expected the outcome to change in a few minute drops. Currently a similar thing is taking place in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Neha, daughter of Vinod Shukla, was arranged to marry Piyush Misra from Nehru Nagar.

mp bride refuse to marry after she knows about groom

For this, the procession of the groom was over and he was formally welcomed by the bride's family. Following this, the groom and bride dressed for the evening and mounted on stage. The wedding stage was ready and arrangements were made, and a large number of guests were present.

The bride who said no

It was then that the bride came to know one thing and suddenly refused to continue the wedding ceremony. It was only when he inquired about the reason for this that it came to light that the groom, who was standing on the stage, was drunk. Many there were involved in trying to reconcile the bride.

mp bride refuse to marry after she knows about groom

What's the last thing ?? ..

But a man who could not abstain from alcohol for his own marriage has appealed to the bride outright, saying how can he avoid it after marriage. Many there were in support of the woman's decision. Subsequently, the matter was taken to the police station, where by mutual consent both parties agreed to return the money and valuables they had exchanged.




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