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By Sushmetha | Jun 06, 2022 04:49 PM

Last month, a woman sub-inspector who received praise in the name of arresting her fianc in a fraud case came to light a month later.

junmoni rabha nabbed her fiance now faces corruption cases

Junmoni Raba hails from Nagaon district in Assam. He has been working as a police sub-inspector in the same area.

In connection with her marriage, Junmoni's parents have been looking after the groom. According to the report, Junmoni was engaged to Rana Bokak in November last year.

Following this, the couple has decided to hold the Junmoni-Rana wedding in November. Earlier, Rana had introduced himself to a senior official of an ONGC government agency, N Junmoni. It is in such a situation that last month, some complaints about her fianc Rana came to Junmoni's ear. Junmoni was informed that Rana was involved in fraudulent activities, claiming to work for ONGC.

junmoni rabha nabbed her fiance now faces corruption cases

According to it, Junmoni's subsequent inquiries about Rana have confirmed that ONGC was involved in fraudulent activities by defrauding millions of people out of a number of people, claiming that he would buy jobs in the state-owned company. His involvement in fraudulent activities came to light in states including Meghalaya and Mizoram.

After this, Junmoni had arrested her fianc Rana Bogak, with proper evidence, for the past one month. Junmoni, who arrested her fianc in connection with the scam, was hailed by many. Extra pride came to Junmoni who worked honestly.

junmoni rabha nabbed her fiance now faces corruption cases

It is in such a situation that the information that has come to light has come as a shock to many. That is, in the last few days, some of the building contractors have lodged some complaints against Junmoni Raba. According to the complaint, Rana along with Bogak cheated and extorted money from the two.

In this connection, the police have been interrogating Raba for the last few days and it has been confirmed that he has committed fraud along with Rana. Police have also arrested Junmoni Raba, produced him in court and remanded him in custody.


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