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By S Vikram | Aug 19, 2019 04:20 PM

A 51-Year Old woman in Nagpur had reportedly sacrificed her liver for another patient since she could not get the donor for her kidney transplant. On August 18 (Sunday), Babita Surendra Dongre was declared brain dead after waiting for so long to get a kidney donor. Earlier, Babita had expressed her wish to donate her body parts and her family members fulfilled her wish after the unfortunate event happened to her.

Woman waiting for kidney donated her liver in Nagpur

Babita was suffering from Kidney failure and doctors advised a Kidney transplant. She was on dialysis and had registered her name at the Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC) in Nagpur as a Kidney recipient. While Babita’s condition went extremely crucial, her family was expecting her name to be included in the Supra Urgent list at ZTCC. But, unfortunately, she suffered bleeding in her brain and declared brain dead by the doctors on Sunday.

Babita’s husband Surendra Mohan Dongre and her brother Vinod Meshram extended their generosity by willing to donate her possible organs. As per TOI, Surendra said “ Our search for a Kidney donor for Babita prolonged. She had once said that if she could not get a donor for herself, she would donate her organs to help people like her who are waiting for organs”.

Surendra further told that as per Babita’s wish a written consent had been given to retrieve her organs. Later Babita was shifted to New Era Hospital since Sri Krishna Hospital where she was admitted did not have transplant facility.

After a complete examination of Babita’s organs, it was learnt that only her liver was fit for transplant. Dr Vibhavari Dani, president of ZTCC Nagpur stated Babita’s liver donation as the 40th liver retrieval of Nagpur Zone.  Babita had given life to a 35-year old male patient by donating her liver.