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By Nidharshana | May 07, 2020 02:57 PM

A gas leak in LG Polymers Chemical Plant, Vizag at around 3 am on May 07 has costed at least the life of 10 people. More than 5000 people have fallen sick and the city’s population from around a few kilometre radius of the plant, have fled their homes to more secure regions of the city.

Vizag Gas leak: 10 or more Dead, Thousands fall sick

The cause for the leak remains unknown and the gas has been identified as Styrene. Gopalapatnam’s circle inspector informed that earlier this morning, many people were found unconscious on the roads. While some have complained of breathlessness, some others have developed rashes, sore eyes, vomiting, and so on. Long exposure to this gas can even cause cancer. The most affected people are those who lived within a 3 kilometre radius from the chemical plant.

Reports state that the police evacuated people from their homes during the early hours of Thursday. Further, the District’s Collector has said that those with complaints of breathing difficulty are being provided with oxygen. He added that he is closely monitoring the situation.

Andhra Pradesh’s CM Jaganmohan Reddy will also visit the city today to take active measures. Adding to the unknown reason for the accident, the state’s DGP informed that protocols were being followed by the industry and an investigation is being held currently.

While some people have travelled to their relatives’ or friends’ places, some others are stranded on the roads of Vizag. The prevailing concerns with regards to the spread of the novel coronavirus infections and maintaining the norms of social distancing has worsened in the city as the citizens fight this accident.

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