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By Nidharshana | Apr 27, 2020 02:17 PM

Agra city which was known for the ‘Agra model of containment’ amid the ongoing pandemic, where the world is fighting against the novel coronavirus, a very disturbing video has surfaced on various social media platforms. The video has been shot at the Sharda Group of Institutions, which was previously turned into a COVID-19 quarantine centre by the administration.

Video: Quarantined People in Agra fight for Food and Water

Visuals portray a man wearing protective gears, throwing packets of biscuits to a group of people who have gathered on the other side of the gate. The group within the containment zone seem to be violating the rules of social distancing in order to procure essentials.

“This is what is being done to people who have been isolated. We were told we will get medical check-ups but nothing of that sort has happened. Everyone—doctors and administration people—is being negligent. There are no proper arrangements for food and water,” says a woman, who can be overheard in the video.

The city was already under immense pressure as Agra has recorded the highest number of positive cases in Uttar Pradesh. After this video has gone viral, the authorities in the city are pushed to take responsibility and contain this severe break-out. The District Magistrate, Prabhu N Singh said, according to news agency ANI, that they held an inspection at the quarantine centre at Sharda Group of Institutions after receiving complaints about food distribution. “The top officials of the team have been asked to look into the matter and fix the responsibilities. The team has been directed to identify the loopholes and be more careful in rendering services at the Covid-19 quarantine centre,” Prabhu N Singh said to ANI.

While this situation has raised serious concerns across the city, various leaders and citizens have taken to social media platforms to address it. Congress leader Akilesh P Singh, criticised on twitter saying, “Look at this role model city of Agra. It is now being addressed as ‘Wuhan’ of India where people are being treated like animals in quarantine centres. Whose role model is this city? You can very well guess…”

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