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By S Vikram | Jul 12, 2019 04:49 PM

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer was quick enough with his presence of mind while saving a woman who fell off the platform as she tried to board the train at Ahmedabad Railway Station. The CCTV footage at the Railway station captured the incident when it happened on July 11, Thursday. The video shows the immediate attempt of the crowd and the RPF officer who pulls her leg off at the last moment and saves her.

The woman tried to board the moving train and ended up falling

In fact, the woman almost fell into the track while the train had picked up the pace. As we see in the video, the woman with luggage is in a hurry to get into the moving train while the RPF officer is seen speaking to someone over the phone as well as managing the crowd at the station. Moments later, the woman attempts to get into the train and falls down losing her balance. 

In the video, we could see the brave effort of the RPF officer who did not give up until the last minute which would have been a different scenario, otherwise. The video has been circulated around the social media and people are appreciating the heroic work of the RPF officer who had indeed saved a life.