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By Vinershea | Nov 14, 2020 09:12 PM

In a heartwarming incident, a police officer who was once a marked shooter in Madhya Pradesh had been living life like a beggar for the last 10 years. He was once working with the Madhya Pradesh police and has been identified as Manish Mishra.

madhya pradesh cop lives like beggar for 10 years batchmates help

The former police officer's life took a drastic turn after which he lost his mental balance and started living on the streets. It was recently when two cops, identified as DSP Ratnesh Singh Tomar and Vijay Bhadoria were asked to monitor and keep a check on the processions that were taken out after the bypoll results in the city.

During the inspection, the two cops came across a beggar on the footpath of the Bandhan Vatika. After talking to the beggar and enquiring things about him for sometime. DSP Ratnesh Singh Tomar gave him shoes and Vijay Bhadoria gave him a jacket.

madhya pradesh cop lives like beggar for 10 years batchmates help

When the two police officers were about to leave the spot, the beggar suddenly called Bhadoria by his name. After which the cops looked shocked at each other. They both then halted at the spot and asked the beggar to reveal his name. 

Both Bhadoria and Tomar were stunned when the beggar introduced himself as Manish Mishra. They recognised Mishra instantly as their batchmate from the 1999 batch. They were so happy to find him and could not stop themselves from expressing happiness.

Minutes later the two cops started persuading Mishra to accompany them but when he refused, they took him to an ashram of the Samaj Sevi Sansthan, where he is undergoing treatment currently.

madhya pradesh cop lives like beggar for 10 years batchmates help

Pointing over Mishra's background, his father and uncle are retired additional SPs. His brother is a thana in-charge and sister works in the Embassy. Mishra, who had lost his mental balance, left home after nearly 5 years. He, who was lodged at several ashrams and centres earlier, always managed to escape.    

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