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By Dharani | May 21, 2020 08:56 PM

Twenty years later, a Kerala woman has got her lost gold back in interesting turn of events.

Kerala Woman Gets Lost Gold Back After Twenty Years

Basariya, a homemaker from Kasaragod in Kerala, heard someone knocking the door of her house while preparing for iftar late in the evening on Tuesday.

When Basariya opened the door, a young man was standing with a large food pack. The man was wearing a helmet. When she asked who he was, he replied that he was just a delivery boy and another person had sent it.

Before she could press further, azan - the call for prayer - echoed from the mosques and Basariya went inside for a short prayer and broke the fast. Meanwhile, the man left.

To her surprise, the food pack, along with rich ghee rice and steaming beef curry, had a small jewellery box with two gold coins in it. There was also a handwritten message on a paper torn from a school notebook.

The message read: 'I had gotten the gold you lost 20 years ago. I could not return it to you then. Please accept these coins and forgive me'.

Twenty years ago, Basariya lost a portion of her gold waistband during a wedding in Kasaragod.

Basariya's husband Ibrahim has been running a footwear shop in Sharjah for the past 28 years. "We are in awe of the person who returned the gold in these troubled times. He has a big heart," Ibrahim was quoted as saying by TNIE.

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