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By S Vikram | Sep 18, 2019 10:16 AM

In a recent incident which took place in Kozhikode's Engapuzha region, Kerala, a man got stuck under a bus tyre which dragged him for few seconds on the road. The CCTV footage of the alarming incident was released and has been doing rounds on the internet. The video begins with a bus entering the frame that already has a two-wheeler stuck under its front base.

Kerala video of man stuck under bus tyre,viral, he is saved

As it moves forward, we get to see a man crawling with his head on the ground and some portion of his body stuck under the front tyre of the bus. While the incident took place on September 16 (Monday), the police officers are yet to reveal the identity of the man who is presently undergoing treatment at a Government hospital.

The crowd is seen entering the scene quickly to stop the bus which looks like it is already slowing down. Fortunately, the man was recovered alive without any major injuries but only on his knee. It was reported that the bus driver had been driving on a great speed and he had already crashed a few vehicles before running over the man. Later it was revealed that the driver was booked under rash driving.

Traffic safety is one of the inevitable factors which requires high alert and quick decision making on road. Recently, hefty charges were announced for traffic violations and people were not happy with it. But, it looks like bizarre incidents posing threat to lives continue to happen like the recent Subhasree accident in which the 23-year old girl died after a banner disturbed her sight while driving amidst heavy vehicles.

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