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By Vinershea | Oct 12, 2019 04:18 PM

In a horrifying case, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly burnt to death alive by a youth, who was also killed in the flames in Kerala's Kochi city. He is suspected to be a jilted lover. 

Jilted Lover in Kerala Sets Girl On Fire, Both Die

The boy poured petrol on the girl and set her ablaze reportedly for turning down his proposal. The boy has been identified as Midhun while the girl Devika. 

This shocking incident took place at around midnight on October 9, when 24-year-old Midhun arrived at Devika's residence.

According to Times Now report, the boy knocked at Devika's door late night and demanded to meet her. After meeting the boy, she expressed to discontinue her relationship. On hearing this, Midhun got angry and poured petrol on her; as he was standing close to her, he too caught on fire.

Shocked family rushed both to the hospital but both died, Times Now further reported. 

Meanwhile, neighbours who were eyewitness to the site said that Midhun had planned to kill Devika's entire family. He reportedly poured petrol on her mother and younger sister too but they ran out of the house.

The neighbours also suspect that Midhun had bought enough petrol to kill Devika's entire family. 

Local media reports state that, Midhun and Devika met at one of her relatives' homes few months ago in Thathappilly but Devika's family objected to it so she decided to discontinue which angered Mithun. 

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