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By Dharani | Jul 22, 2019 07:01 PM

Earlier this year, a Man from Tamil Nadu, Wing Commander Abhinandhan, got caught by the Pakistan Army after the Surgical strikes India conducted on the terror camps in Pakistan. When asked about his identity and other details, Abhinandhan told the Pakistani officials, “I’m not supposed to tell you”. Following which, lots of inspirational memes and posts were shared on his braveness and patriotism, making him the hero the nation needs. Later, his safe return was ensured by the diplomatic moves of Indian Government. Abhinandhan wave had indeed hit the country hard that even after several months the first thing that strikes our mind when someone says IAF is only a picture of a man with a lengthy-curvey moustache!

IAF mobile game teaser has Abhinandhan as hero

The Indian Air Force, on Friday, released a teaser of its upcoming mobile  game named “Indian Air Force: A cut above”. The game isn’t the usual type, certainly not for Indians. So, what makes it special? The game features Indian Wing Commander Abhinandhan with his trademark moustache as ‘The HERO’ with several aircrafts being used by the IAF.

The teaser begins with animated visuals of Abhinandhan standing next to a Mig-21. It then flashes “I’m an Air Warrior. Proud, Dependable and Fearless! And in every act and deed, I put the security of my motherland first. I fly deep into enemy territory and strike fear in the heart of my enemies. Now is your chance Pilot, to become the Air Warrior. Do your duty and accomplish the mission. Lord over the skies, climb atop the mountains, fly the most advanced machines in the world and touch the sky with glory. BE AN AIR WARRIOR...,” amid visuals of several aircrafts performing air combat and ground attack.

In the game, the user is Abhinandhan and he can perform various stunts using aerial vehicles like bomber planes, helicopters and fighter jets to attack the enemies. Though initially the game can only be played by a single user, it will soon be updated to multi-player mode.

The game is already receiving positive responses and is expected to be downloaded by a record number, primarily consisting of kids and youth.

The game will be launched by the end of July and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.