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By S Vikram | Nov 20, 2019 11:27 AM

Love may not have boundaries but crossing the Pakistan boundary for that matter will lead to severe consequences as in the case of Prashant Vaindam, a software Engineer based out in Hyderabad. Prashant is currently imprisoned in Pakistan jail for his suspicious activities that involved crossing of Pakistan boundary.

Hyderabad techie in Pakistan Jail to meet online Girl Friend

Prashant Vaindam was working as a software engineer in Hyderabad while he made contact with a woman via online chat. Reportedly both of them fell in love with each other and Prashant had gone to Madhya Pradesh (home of the woman) to see his online love.

However, things changed when Prashant reached Madhya Pradesh after the woman told him that she went to Switzerland. Therefore, Prashant partnered with a local guy named Thari Lal and planned to go to Switzerland via a different route. Initially, the two of them went to Rajasthan and then headed towards Pakistan's Cholistan. Eventually, Pakistan security forces arrested them and imprisoned in jail under section 3-4 of Pakistan Control of Entry Act, 1952. 

"Mummy and daddy, how are you? Now they brought me to court from the police station after it was declared that there was no problem. They will now send me to jail from court and inform the Indian Embassy. I can then contact you," Prashant spoke to his parents in Telugu as per the one-minute video released by Pakistan authorities. There are no reports on why Prashant chose to enter Pakistan to visit Switzerland.

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