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By Vinershea | Sep 02, 2019 12:49 PM

In a bizarre and unusual case, a 11-month-old girl's doll, became a 'patient' in the orthopaedic department of Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi. 

Doll becomes \'patient\' at hospital as toddler refuses treatment

The girl was suffering from a fracture and refused treatment; so to convince her, the child's mother suggested the doctors to pretend to treat her favourite doll first.

The child has been identified as Zikra Malik while her doll Pari, is playing a major role in her treatment. She has been admitted in the hospital for two weeks and will remain there for one more week.

As per Times Now report, Zikra, totally refused to treatment but as soon as the doctors plastered the doll's legs, Zikra agreed to receive treatment. Currently, the girl and her doll have their legs attached to traction rods.

The child injured herself on August 17 after falling off her bed at her home in Delhi Gate. When the family rushed her to the hospital, doctors stated that the child had fractured her left leg and suggested putting her on gallows traction, (method used to treat fracture of the thigh bone in children younger than 2 years.)

Meanwhile, the child's mother identified as Fareen, while speaking to media said that, "On the first day at the hospital, she wasn't ready to lie down on the bed. She kept moving and doctors asked us to keep her legs straight for proper alignment. Then I asked my husband to get her favourite doll to the hospital. We just thought of putting Pari in the same position as Zikra — and it worked."

Ajay Gupta, professor of orthopaedic at the hospital was quoted saying to ANI news agency that "this 11-month-old girl is suffering from a fracture and she was refusing treatment so her mother gave us the idea to pretend to treat her doll first as the child is very close to the doll. It worked well and patient felt comforted".