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By S Vikram | Sep 11, 2019 06:57 PM

Be it a close or not, some people tend to care for others even if it has something to do personally. However, it is totally up to the other person on the receiving end to accept it or not. One of the customers who ordered food from the food delivery app Zomato has shared a screenshot on his twitter space which is doing viral among the users.

Customer advise zomato guy use condom -having too many kids

People who are familiar with the app know that, after ordering food, it will take a while to process the order and then it will be confirmed within some time. Once the order is confirmed, a delivery agent will be assigned to pick up the order whose details will be revealed on the app. Now, for 'Squirrel Of Ram' (customer), one such delivery guy was assigned and the details of him were revealed.

The screenshot contains the Map from the app and at the bottom, the name of the delivery agent is mentioned along with his marital status and number of kids. Probably, the customer would have taken his personal views after seeing that the agent has 4 daughters and 7 sons.

“Hey @ZomatoIN here's adding the tip for your delivery executive mohd. "Please ask him to use condom," (sic)  wrote 'Squirrel Of Ram' as a way to adding a tip to the agent. The tweet went viral with thousands of likes and retweets. We could also see people supporting as well as commenting against the person’s tweet in the reply section.