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By S Vikram | Nov 26, 2019 03:52 PM

In one of the Tamil films, Vadivelu plays the role of a thief. He calls the owner of a liquor shop and asks "Hello is this Prabha wines? When will you open the shop? ". The owner shouts at him without realizing that he is already inside his shop. A closely related incident happened in Uttar Pradesh where a man called 100 and asked for liquor.

Man calls police and asks liquor like vadivelu comedy video

It is usual for police officers to get hoax calls from various people who intend to cause trouble for the sake of personal vengeance and various other factors. But in a bizarre incident, a youngster had dialed 100 and asked them to buy liquor. The incident has become viral and police officers who arrived at the spot made a video of the man confessing the reason for his call.

Sachin, a drunkard from Madhya Pradesh made a call to 100 and asked the police to come to his place. Though there were no reports regarding the reason that he told the police to reach him, what followed after turned out to be hilarious. The police found the man named Sachin near a liquor shop and inquired him the reason for his call. Sachin had told that he wanted the police to buy him liquor.

The police made a video of the man explaining the reason for his call and released it online which has gone viral. The man said, "I called 100 to get me liquor". The translated story of the man's narration is given below. 

The man's name is Sachin and Father's name is Kumar Shankar. He resides in a nearby village close to this liquor Shop. The shop is owned by his grandfather named Sham Bihari, who does not give him liquor. Despite, giving money or requesting his grandfather- he refused to provide liquor. That's why he dailed 100 and asked the cops for help. When police asked him what is the time now that u want to drink- he said 11 am in the morning and I already had a little in another shop. But wants it from his grandfather's shop because he has English liquor. He requested the police not to file a complaint or charge anyone due to his behaviour but only wanted them to help him in providing liquor.

A similar incident happened in the month of march where a man in Uttar Pradesh called the police and demanded money to travel from one place to another.

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