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By Vinershea | Jul 06, 2020 02:50 PM

Leading tech services and digital technology firm Wipro, will have its first non-Indian Chief Executive officer to take over from July 6. The company is all set to start a new innings from today under the leadership of its new Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Thierry Delaporte.

wipro ceo thierry delaporte takes charge july6 tough task report

Top analysts point out the tough task that the new CEO will face. He will need to “re-energize” the leadership team, turnaround failing businesses and drive growth in the midst of the pandemic for Wipro. 

According to an Economic Times (ET) report, the company will have to turn around business verticals such as healthcare and energy and utilities and regain the “diminishing” market share of the company. 

“Thierry Delaporte needs to re-energize the leadership team and give them a strong direction to keep their critical clients happy - and he will surely spend the first few weeks talking with as many as possible,” said Phil Fersht, chief executive, HfS Research.

“At least for the first few months, opening up the war chest may seem like the natural way for a new CEO to make a stamp on a firm. But with Wipro, acquisitions have a checkered past, and even those that have worked have taken several years to fully embed. Instead, the firm should focus on turning around creaking business lines – and above all, get them talking to each other. A process Abid started, but sadly failed to finish,” added Fersht. 

Delaporte, is well-known in the industry for his excellence in driving growth in banking and financial services. 

Meanwhile, Peter Bendor-Samuel, chief executive, Everest Group, a US-based IT research and advisory firm states that “This is going to be made harder as he (Delaporte) is taking over in the middle of the Pandemic and his travel and ability to meet with key leaders as well as customers is going to be complicated by travel restrictions. Having said that Thierry (Delaporte) is a very capable executive and will be able to use his Paris base as a great bridge in time zones between India and the US."

Abidali Neemuchwala, who stepped down as Wipro CEO in June struggled to revive fortunes of Wipro, ET further reports. 

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