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By Issac | Aug 13, 2021 01:32 PM

Vcare – now the pioneer in hair care started its journey in Pondicherry as a small beauty salon. Mrs. Prabha Reddy founder and chairperson of Vcare group started this small salon with vigorous ambition and great dreams. She was a person with extra ordinary skills and high business acumen. Her deep foresight and prudence made her to focus on hair related problems. That was the time when people were not aware about hair problems and the advanced treatments given to rectify it. Also, at that point alopecia and baldness were irreversible. This was a great challenge for her and she strongly believed in her dreams and qualified herself by completing a course in International Association of Trichologists, Australia. That’s how she became the first trichologist in South India.

V care Herbs concepts 10th year Anniversary Celebration

India is known for its rich herbal medicines, but today chemical products are dominating the health industry. Vcare knew the importance of herbalism and its effectiveness and was very keen to introduce products developed using active herbal ingredients. Vcare wanted to imbibe the value of herbal products to the public and started Vcare herbs concepts. Research experts were deployed to develop various herbal products for hair. The gamut of herbal products developed by us was well received by the public as it was very effective and gave great results. Slowly people started to realize the significance of herbal products.

People have imposed more responsibility on Vcare shoulders by supporting and trusting us. Vcare is now liable and responsible to serve the customer with better techniques, innovative procedures and effective products. For this, our research unit works vigorously to introduce new products and also to include all the novel hair and skin treatments to treat people from different walks of life.

Vcare as the name implies really cares for customers and the brand remains in the hearts of all the people across the globe.Vcare will continue its services and will deliver the best and better services in the coming years.


Vcare celebrates its 10th Anniversery (Aug 15) with its loyal customers!

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