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By Vinershea | Jul 31, 2020 12:32 PM

Due to lockdown across the world, work from home has become the new normal for working professionals during the pandemic. But after months of lockdown, the economy is slowly opening up, as many businesses have started returning to offices. 

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Despite the fear in many parts of India, those who have opened offices are not operating in full strength. According to a study by MindMap Advance Research, a whopping 93 percent of India Inc employees are anxious about returning to the office and fear that it might compromise their health. Keeping in mind the current situation, many companies have announced indefinite work from home.

According to report, various tech giants such as Google and Amazon have enabled digitisation and helping employees to adapt to the requirements today. While other giants such as Dell joined these ranks taking a different approach.  

Highlighting about Dell - it is countering the concern such as the one pointed out in a Statista survey (one of the best places to get statistical analysis of facts and figures) where 35 percent respondents revealed that collaborating with colleagues and clients is the biggest challenge of working from home. Also, the concern regarding productivity and collaboration lags pointed out by entrepreneurs and VCs.

Currently, there are platforms and companies such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana, Zoom, Flock, Google Hangouts for seamless and easier collaborations of skilled IT teams, tech giant Dell introduced a host of solutions with its Dell Small Business, further reported. 

Amid this pandemic crisis, Dell is currently offering not only critical network, security infrastructure, devices and software tools to support a connected workforce, but also advisors to help make the shift to remote operations a lot easier.

With pandemic affecting the economic factor few top tech giants support remote workforces. As per media reports, tech giants are focussing on helping the Indian SMBs with solutions ranging from products to assistance, to guidance and mentorship. 

Looking into Amazon’s announcement of investing $1 Bn to support the digitisation of SMBs and then in June came the announcement of ‘MSME Accelerate’ programme to help startups kick start their operations after the unveiling of Unlock 1.0. Soon after that, Google announced to invest approximately $10 Bn under the Google For India Digitization Fund for the Indian tech and startup ecosystem and Walmart with the objective of training 50K Indian SMBs to “Make in India” for global supply chains.

While, Dell is focussing on-the-go computing and high-performance devices to support a connected and mobile workforce.

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