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By Vinershea | Feb 27, 2020 10:48 PM

The new season of PUBG Mobile, Season 12, is all set to make the month of March more special. It is going to be a treat for all game lovers as the multiplayer royale game PUBG is coming up with an update around March 4, 2020. 

PUBG Mobile Season 12 update to bring these new features

Getting straight to the features and updates; the PUBG Mobile Season 12 update will be titled as 0.17.0. It is already available on beta. 

According to RealSport report, the update will feature new skins, clothes and accessories which are expected to be based on the celebration theme. This PUBG Mobile 12 update will also have few in-app mini-games where gamers can get a chance to win prizes.

Highlighting about other new features: -

- Battle Pass: In the PUBG Mobile Season 12 it will come with “Together We Play” theme royal battle pass that will feature weapon-skins and outfits. While, the outfit can be obtained after finishing RP level 100.

- New Locations: In the new update, it will also see the incorporation of two places UAZ and Dacia to the oldest map for PUBG, Erangel.  

- Death Replay: Coming to the most important part; in this a new addition to the Season 12 update will be Death Replay. With this feature, it will allow players to replay his or her death like that in a video mode, which is going to be super cool!

- New Weapons: Talking about new weapons; Season 12 will make you feel like power in your hands as it will introduce the incorporation of the Double Barrel Pump Action Shotgun. The SMG Uzi will now be upgraded with a red-dot or holographic sight, which allows shooting with better accuracy.

- Extreme Cold: In the updated season, players will have to fight off the biting cold. There will be cold waves or wind that will drain the health of the players until they take shelter, so you have to be extra careful and alert!

Not forgetting to mention, that the new update will allow players to place eight different types of markers rather than one, so that it will help players to differentiate between places of interest, enemies, animals and others. 


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