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By Vinershea | Jul 15, 2020 08:33 PM

It was a BIG day for Reliance Industries as Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced that Google will invest Rs 33,737 crore for a 7.7 percent stake in Jio Platform. This new move comes as the 14th investment in Jio Platforms in less than 3 months.

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While speaking at RIL's 43rd annual general meet, confident Ambani welcomed a new strategic partnership with Google. He said that including Google the company has raised Rs 1,52,056 crore in last few months from strategic investments. He also informed that the company has concluded its JV with BP which states that RIL is now truly a net debt-free company.

The major highlights from the Reliance Industries 43rd Annual General Meeting were made on Jio in areas like Jio Platforms, 5G and digital services. The news which hit headlines was Jio and Google’s partnership for a new and affordable smartphone. 

Meanwhile, the other highlights of the day was a new hardware launch as well and a new streaming service. 

Google’s investment in Jio Platforms: Amid most of the companies, Google is the latest firm to invest in Jio Platforms. With Google's investment in Jio the total investment from financial and strategic investors will increase Jio Platforms revenue to ₹1,52,056 crore.

Jio-Google phone: The Jio-Google partnership will result in a new and affordable smartphone which will be based on a customised Android operating system. Google already offers multiple customised services, even Jio dominates the ‘smart’ feature phone segment with its Jio Phone. In the recent meeting, there was no word on a launch date for the Jio-Google phone yet.

Jio Glass: The much talked about hardware launch at the AGM was Jio Glass. It is a pair of smart glasses powered by mixed reality. The Jio Glass weighs just 75 grams that can connect to the internet via a smartphone cable. It has support for 25 apps and all audio formats. The smartest thing about these glasses is that the Jio Glass can be used for virtual meetings and even interact with 3D and 2D avatars.

Jio 5G: During the RIL AGM 2020 meeting, Mukesh Ambani announced Jio has created its 5G solution from scratch. The company aims to provide 100 percent homegrown technologies and solutions with its “world-class” 5G network. 

Jio TV+: The Jio TV+ is the company’s new video streaming service. This platform offers content from over 12 top OTT players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and Voot. Not just that, Jio TV+ also has different sections for movies, shows, live TV, kids content and music. This new service comes with voice search support, and a single sign-in for all the 12 apps. 

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