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By Vinershea | Aug 22, 2020 06:36 PM

As working professionals have come to terms with the new normal of working from home, several Indian companies have come forward to help employees with the sudden transition to working from home.  

indian companies giving wfh allowances to set up home offices

Amid the COVID-19 fear and crisis, top companies like Google and Facebook have officially announced their employees will be working from home till 2021 and will be given an allowance of $1000 after which even Uber too announced a $500 dollar allowance. 

Below are few Indian companies, who are doing the same to facilitate employees in working from home crisis:

- Hike: As per The News Minute report, Hike announced that it has switched to a remote working model for the rest of 2020. They also announced that it would be delivering an ergonomic office chair and a new compact office table to its employees residing in Delhi/NCR and for employees presently outside of Delhi/NCR. Not just that, Hike has declared a reimbursement of up to Rs. 10,000 to set up their workstation at home.

- OYO: OYO also introduced measures towards the well-being of employees. Recently, the company announced a five-day work week with ‘weekend curfew’ and removed Monday review meetings so that employees don’t work over the weekend. From taking personal time-outs to availing annual holidays the company is also offering its employees a 12-month membership of at a 50 percent discount and upskilling opportunities.

- Razorpay: This top company is offering its employees a no-questions-asked allowance to improve staff's internet connection, set up work desks and other expenses during work from home. 

- Bobble AI: Other than giving an allowance to set up a workstation at home, this social keyboard developer has also offered to reimburse operational costs of installing air conditioners at homes during the summer. The company has recently started to cover mental health under their “Wellness in Totality” program. 

G7 CR: This cloud services provider gave the best news to its employees by announcing a WFH allowance of Rs 18,000 for all its employees to cover the purchase of UPS and office furniture. Not just that, the Bangalore based company also delivers comfortable chairs from its office to the employee’s homes.

Great Learning: Amid the new normal and work from home crisis, edtech major Great Learning conducted a survey among its employees to understand their issues. So that the company can come up with allowances to cater to expenses such as internet, furniture, electricity and others. 

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