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By Vinershea | Aug 07, 2020 03:20 PM

Amid job loss and the economic crisis, there are few leading companies who are offering job openings for data scientists and data analysts.  

hiring jobvacancy for data science data analyst jobs in bengaluru

As per Analyst India Mag reports, the analytics function in India has earned consolidated revenues of $35.9 Billion, a 19.5 percent growth in revenue over last year. The report also indicates that 16 percent of the analytics revenues across all enterprises are attributed to advanced analytics, predictive modelling, and data science. 

With recent updates on data scientists and analysts, the field is clearly growing with ample opportunities. Below are top companies and their requirements: 

1| Data Sciences – Associate at TheMathCompany

Location: Bangalore

Details: As a Data Science – Associate, the candidate will be solving complicated business problems for organisations using data science techniques and also have multiple opportunities to build, design and execute initiatives, ranging from contributing to the hiring and training programs to developing learning packages utilising hot Analytics industry trends that will help the company in the growth trajectory. 

Interested candidates can apply here.

2| Associate Data Scientist at Gartner

Location: Gurgaon

Details: As an Associate Data Scientist, the candidate will leverage data science algorithms to deliver client value and improve retention of clients. They will apply NLP and predictive modelling to understand the client’s search query intent to offer relevant content. Using machine learning, you will be developing self-correcting algorithms to improve recommendation in homepage feed and emails. They will also develop models to help predict retention outcomes and identify levers to improve outcomes and more. 

Interested candidates can apply here.

3| Data Sciences – Senior Associate at TheMathCompany

Location: Bangalore

Details: As a Senior Associate, the candidate will be responsible for the overall health of a client engagement. They will be challenged with a mix of technical as well as business strategy and planning problems. They will be expected to drive adoption of new technologies, tools and process improvements within the team to build analytical capabilities for customers. The job requires 5+ years of experience of working on analytics projects and initiatives. 

Interested candidates can apply here.

4| Data Analyst at Telstra

Location: Bangalore 

About: As a Data Analyst, the candidate will be responsible for performing in-depth quantitative analysis, articulate complex data patterns, insights and propose actionable insights to stakeholders in meaningful business language. They work will revolve around using innovative and creative approaches to enable business decisions to be made using data analysis. The candidate will also develop data analysis and ongoing insights by leveraging multiple data sources that test hypotheses and correspond to business performance metrics. The job requires 4+ years of experience in a Data Engineer or Data Analyst role and business understanding within the Telco value chain. 

Interested candidates can apply here.

5| Data Scientist at Kimberly-Clark

Location: Bangalore

Details: As a Data Scientist, the candidate will develop models and algorithms that drive innovation throughout the organisation. This may include marketing, supply chain, inventory planning and deployment, network planning, order routing, and order fulfillment and delivery. They will conduct advanced statistical analysis to provide actionable insights, identify trends, and measure performance, build learning systems that monitor data flow and react to changes in customer preferences, network constraints, and business objectives.  

You will also coordinate data science implementations while leading design variances based upon business needs while ensuring artifacts and repositories are documented. This job requires an experience of 3-5+ years of continuous experience in software engineering, software development, solution architecture.

Interested candidates can apply here.

6| Data Scientist Engineering at Netcore Solutions

Location: Mumbai, Bangalore.

Details: As a Data Scientist, the candidate will help to design, innovate and build the next-generation ML architecture. They will be identifying valuable data sources and automate collection processes by undertaking the pre-process of structured and unstructured data. You will also analyse large amounts of information to discover trends and patterns to build predictive models and machine-learning algorithms. 

The responsibility also includes combining models through ensemble modelling, proposing strategies to business challenges and more. 

Interested candidates can apply here.

7| Data Scientist at Head Digital Works Pvt Ltd. 

Location: Hyderabad

About: As a Data Scientist, the candidate will develop an in-depth understanding of user journeys and generate data-driven insights as well as recommendations to help product and customer success teams in decision making and thus develop a strong hypothesis. They will be executing A/B experiments and identify the area of opportunities. They will also define and analyse key product data sets to understand the customer and product behaviour, solve problems and more. 

Interested candidates can apply here.

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