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By Dharani | Jun 25, 2020 04:48 PM

Sowkea Agro, a Chennai-based agro products company has launched Halo Elaneer - chilled tender coconut water, a 100% natural and nutritious beverage with a shelf life of 12 days when kept refrigerated at 5-15 ºC.

Halo Elaneer brand of Tender Coconut Water Launched in Chennai

Sourced from the best Pollachi groves, Halo Elaneer (Tender coconut water) comes in a natural and hygienically dehusked coconut shell with a pull-ring to easily open and consume. Price is fixed based on the quantity inside.

The company has also launched Sowkea Doorstep Daily, a mobile app, to accept orders directly from consumers. It delivers Halo Elaneer at doorsteps, and it is made available across 40-plus retail stores in OMR.

Sowkea Agro is also setting up IoT-based vending machines with an intuitive touch screen for dispensing tender coconut water easily at corporates, SMEs, IT parks, manufacturing industries, government offices, lobbies of apartments, residential complexes, educational institutions, metro stations, railway stations, airports, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, cinema theatres, upscale restaurants, banks, financial institutions, gyms, fitness studios, and yoga centers.

Sowkea Agro is promoted by Vignesh Polymers, a 200 crore plus turnover company that manufactures components for leading automobile and consumer electronics companies.

Commenting about Halo Elaneer, Mr. R. B. Sivakumar, Managing Director of Vignesh Polymers and Sowkea Agro said, “Tender coconut water is good for all age groups. It is a healthier alternative to sugar-loaded soft drinks. It is 100% natural. Reduces body heat, rehydrates the body, helps in weight reduction, and aids in controlling renal disorders. It is a healthy therapeutic drink for elders and patients.

What we bring to the table are from the best Pollachi groves, harvested at the right time, hygienically dehusked and innovatively packaged. We ensure efficient distribution network through mobile-apps, hyper local delivery, and IoT-based vending machines.”

About his support to farmers, Mr.Sivakumar said, “I come from an agricultural family. As a company we have utmost reverence for farmers and their hard work. We advocate responsible sourcing and fair compensation for farmers. Our twin objectives are to promote healthier choice of food and beverages to the consumers and ensure sustained income for farmers’ efforts.”  Sowkea Agro also sells grated coconut, edible oils, and pure cow milk.

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