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By Vinershea | Jun 02, 2020 05:34 PM

As the number of coronavirus cases are increasing, social distancing is the first thing that everyone much follow or maintain. But sometimes its gets difficult to maintain social distancing at public places like ATM and banks. 

get cash from atm without debit credit cards cardless withdrawal

So, to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19, banks are currently offering cardless cash withdrawal option, which means customers can withdraw cash from ATMs without using their debit or credit cards. 

As per Times Now report, this facility comes with a daily transaction limit ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 depending upon the bank. Currently, only few bank ATMs have this facility.

Check below how these bank customers can withdraw cash from ATM without using their cards:

1. State Bank of India (SBI):

- Download the SBI internet banking app YONO and click on 'Yono Cash'

- Select the account number and enter the amount that needs to be withdrawn

- An SMS will be received with YONO cash transaction number and 'YONO cash PIN'.

- Visit the SBI ATM and select 'YONO Cash' on the ATM screen.

- Enter the YONO cash transaction number, enter the amount that needs to be withdrawn

- Enter YONO cash PIN and validate on YONO server. Complete authentication and collect cash from the ATM

Note that the cash withdrawal has to be completed within 30 minutes of generating the transaction number and raising withdrawal request. 

2. ICICI Bank:

- Download ICICI bank’s iMobile app, go to services and click on 'cardless cash withdrawal' option

- Enter amount, 4-digit temporary PIN and select account number from which the amount is to be debited

- Confirm the details and click on submit. A message will be received with a unique 6-digit code on registered mobile number. This code will be valid for 6 hours

- Visit a specified ICICI bank ATM and enter the registered mobile number, temporary 4-digit code, 6-digit code and withdrawal amount

- Cash will be dispensed on successful authentication

3. Axis Bank ATM: To make a cardless cash withdrawal from Axis Bank ATM, customer needs to initiate the Instant Money Transfer (IMT) service. 

- At the bank's ATM, you have to select the IMT option and then 'withdraw IMT'. 

- You need to enter the details such as the mobile number on which you have received the IMT details, the sender's code, the SMS Code and the IMT amount. 

- After that cash will be dispensed from the ATM.

4. Bank of Baroda: For Bank of Baroda customer, you can get cash from any BOB ATM without the ATM card. 

- Just open bank of Baroda mobile banking app (BOB MConnect plus) and select the option “Cash on mobile”. 

- Enter the amount (up to Rs 5,000 and remarks and then enter the MPin. You will get 6 digit code on the mobile screen. 

- This code will be valid for 15 minutes. Go to any BOB ATM and select option “Cash on mobile”. 

- Enter OTP shown in the app and enter the withdrawal amount and you will get the cash. 

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