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By Saradha | Aug 13, 2020 12:10 PM

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone alike and has brought our lives to a standstill. While all industries are taking efforts to restore normalcy, Chennai’s IT parks too are doing everything they can to ensure employees return back to a safe working space. Since social distancing has become extremely crucial, the offices are taking measures to make sure that the norms are followed.

Chennai itpark new features to avoid contact for employees backtowork

In order to do so, companies are planning to introduce high- end Internet of Things (IoT) features. Though, the process generally takes more than 5 years and is expensive, the IT parks are taking these measures to protect the employees. 

Since many employees have been working from their homes, they are going to notice drastic differences right from the entrance of their workplace to washroom. Automatic scanners are likely to be places at the entrance and will be monitored before entering the workplace. A separate facility will be available for quarantining if the body temperature is high. QR code elevators happen to be a new addition wherein people need not directly press the buttons of the lift in order to avoid high touch surfaces. Instead they can scan the QR code on the lift and enter the floor they want to go to. 

For reaching the lower floors, people will be advised to use staircase instead of elevators. Usage of modified punching machine to scan their cards from a distance will enable them to open doors automatically and reduce contact. Even the water dispensers will have sensors so that people can avoid touching it regularly. All safety measures will be taken to ensure social distancing. Few other new changes include having a partition till toe level in washrooms and having partition at the eating tables to maintain social distancing. 

According to TOI, Indialand Tech Park at Coimbatore has already implemented some of these changes. “Various steps including non-touch access control and elevators have improved the safety of employees and increased confidence among users,” Salai Kumaran, CEO, Indialand Group said.

“In order to ensure the workers are safe, IT Parks and SEZs in and around Chennai which offers 60 million sq ft of office space are planning to bring in such features like revolving doors and much more. Although it will require a hefty amount of 1 lakh, the step is necessary to boost morale and make the workplaces safe for the employees,” Times Now reported. 

R Murugesan, managing director of ARAM Realty said to TOI that IT parks will soon introduce features which will be in par with international levels.

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