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By S Vikram | Oct 08, 2019 11:46 AM

Breaking Bad would certainly be the hot pick of modern TV series audience which is now streaming on Netflix. The series gained a massive fan base around the globe and it touched 10.3 million viewership counts for its grand series finale that was aired on AMC television in 2013. The show was originally aired from January 20, 2008, to September 29, 2013, on AMC. The series ended with 62 episodes in a total of 5 seasons and it’s IMDB rating is 9.5/10.

Breaking bad’s business and Vincy Gilligan on El-Camino

In a recent analysis released by the, Breaking Bad's brief journey that leads to earning a cult status has been decoded. Breaking bad was aired on AMC six months after blockbuster ‘Mad Men’. AMC took a big risk by choosing a series like 'Breaking Bad' which was the first of its kind genre for a TV series at that time. AMC was also one of the first companies to produce its own content.

AMC's biggest advantage with Breaking Bad was noted to be tax considerations for shooting in New Mexico. The business space created by Breaking Bad reached a new feat after AMC tied up with HBO. Later, the 'Netflix Effect' embraced the 'Breaking Bad' phenomenon. The success of Breaking Bad opened up a business dilemma between Netflix and AMC in the point of view of Variety op-ed writer Andrew Wallenstein.

Andrew asked, "Should Netflix be paying studios for content or the other way around?”. However, both AMC and Netflix were mutually benefitted when viewers started to binge-watch the previous episodes on Netflix and wait for upcoming episodes on AMC. Reportedly, Breaking Bad stood out on the top of the list in terms of business earning the most from its setup.

The most anticipated Breaking Bad movie 'El-Camino' is set to release on Friday ( October 11) and Vincy Gilligan in his recent interview to Variety said, “The movie would be an interesting addition”. When asked about Jessy Pinkman's escape at the end of Breaking bad and his revisit in El-Camino, he said, "Go watch the movie and you will know". El-Camino will be screened in select theatres and also be streamed on Netflix on October 11.

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