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By Vinershea | Aug 07, 2020 06:47 PM

IT major firm Accenture has come up with an integration initiative to unify the multiple platforms the $43.2 billion professional services the company uses to conduct business. The company is currently aiming to provide employees a holistic user experience, by taking advantage of cloud computing to integrate various technology tools. 

accenture cloud computing paves way for integration plan report

Penelope Prett, Accenture's CIO described the current task as mapping out a three-year journey to an "integrated experience." She has been heading the team since December 2019. Highlighting about cloud computing, she said; "it's a job that seeks to break new ground while building upon previous investments in the Accenture cloud computing strategy."

In 2015, Accenture had embarked on a cloud computing plan to migrate most of its business and IT operations to the public cloud. Ever since, Accenture has worked toward a multi-cloud environment, starting with AWS and Microsoft Azure for adding Google Cloud Platform to the mix. 

As per Tech report, Accenture is considered  to be among the world's largest Microsoft Teams deployments since 2019. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Accenture currently aims to pull those earlier cloud threads together.

"It's really all about integration and interoperability. This started with our move to the cloud, and, today, 95 percent of apps are in a public cloud and part of the platform economy," Prett said.  

"Accenture has moved nearly all its core operations into the cloud, across a variety of vendors. A few years ago, about 10 percent of the company's apps were cloud-supported. But now most are backboned on the cloud as cloud-native or have been rearchitected to be cloud-native," Prett noted. 

Further in her objective to avoid a fracturing of the user experience over proliferation of technologies, Prett said; "I am very interested in knitting those experiences together with a common interface and feeling of unity. Accenture's goal is to create familiar user experiences for our workers, while also embracing change and innovation."

Also, the plan to do this is all set across a broad set of technologies. Meanwhile, Jason Warnke, global digital experiences lead at Accenture will, with the effort to optimize the user experience across every platform, Tech Target further reported. 

Pointing over Accenture's cloud computing approach that can ease integration, reports suggest that the company's cloud migration will make its unification challenge less arduous.

"In a cloud setting, we've found that platforms are more ubiquitous, which simplifies integration. Microsoft Teams has been an essential collaboration tool for Accenture. Our use of ServiceNow is aimed at transforming service and operation management," Prett stated. 

Later citing an example of teams as a central point for integration, Prett explained that the key is having a flexible model that will support a range of platforms and let Accenture add in other capabilities as needed.

The new approach will enable the company to "provision solutions and make adjustments more quickly based on user feedback. Our long-term vision is for our IT organization … to lead by quickly deploying as-a-service capabilities for our workers," Prett finally added.  

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