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By Vinershea | Jul 16, 2020 07:01 PM

With work from home being the 'new normal' more than 70 percent of IT professionals believe that remote IT service management (ITSM) has been effective amid this pandemic. Also, almost half of the IT professionals in the survey believe that IT will still not be taken seriously even after the pandemic.

70percent itprofessional think remote itsm effective amid covid19

As per an Economic Times report, ManageEngine, an enterprise IT division of Zoho recently surveyed over 500 IT professionals to understand the challenges faced by them especially during this time - work from home. 

In the survey, it was noted that while they (IT employees) feel essential for business continuity, they also feel underappreciated. “The IT service desk has been at the frontline in the transition to work from home, from setting up laptops, installing virtual private networks and managing IT assets,” said Kumaravel Ramakrishnan, Product Manager, ManageEngine. 

“There’s a need for knowledge management so that there are fewer level one tickets and issues can be troubleshooted,” he added. 

Highlitening about the biggest challenges faced by them, the surveyed professionals said they were training employees and knowledge management, along with securing data across distributed networks. Among the lot, only 40 percent of the organisation felt that their self-service capability worked effectively. 

Looking at the other 2/3rds of the IT professionals, they said their company’s cloud capabilities were essential to business continuity during this crisis. Also, more than 37 percent believe in their BYOD (Bring your own device) policies, while 20 percent said they did not have a BYOD policy. 

Finally, the 85 percent said they already had the right remote-support equipment or were able to get it quickly, ET further reported. 

Meanwhile, few IT companies were already providing mobile-capable assets before the crisis. Only, after the challenges of early 2020 due to the pandemic, nearly half of the organization are keen to provide more mobile-capable assets to employees. 

Amid all this, only 21 percent of the organizations will not change their IT procurement policies to provide greater mobility and flexibility, the survey found.

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