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What strikes you instantly when you meet Music Director/Lyricist turned Hero Vijay Antony is his spontaneous bonhomie and camaraderie. Success sits lightly on Antony who will be seen as a hero in Naan which is gearing up to hit the marquee soon. In this exclusive interview, the soft spoken Vijay Antony shares his thoughts on Nakka Mukka, Naan, Velayudham and his future projects with Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar.

Your Nakka Mukka featured in world cup cricket. How do you feel about it?

I feel very happy. I was recording when I got continuous congratulatory texts and phone calls when nakka mukka was being played during the world cup. Folk songs from Tamil Nadu do not enjoy a worldwide recognition. I am glad that through this song at an international event, Tamil Nadu’s parai, thaarai, thapattai have gone worldwide. There is much talk about this in the social networking sites and I also heard that nakka mukka was played in a cultural event in China. I am very happy.

Many musicians are doing


What made you turn a hero in Naan?

I was a sound engineer to start with and after listening to many compositions I improvised and turned into a music director. Similarly after seeing many films and observing many artists I just decided to give acting a try. I heard the script and liked it. It is not as if I spent days contemplating on this. It just happened. One needs to think hard only for committing wrong things and not for this. Of course people have conveyed their apprehensions. I have time in my hand; I continue to compose music for films as well. I am managing time efficiently and delivering goods. So that’s about it. And it’s not something completely new that I am doing. Many musicians are doing commercials and are seen in albums. They go for five day shooting and I go for 50 days. That’s the difference.

How has Naan shaped up?

Shooting for Naan will be completed soon and after the post production work, the film should be ready for release in August or September. Naan has shaped up well.

What is your role in Naan?

A young man who aspires to rise up in life encounters a few hurdles and the choices he makes is Naan all about. I cannot much reveal the story line now. I would like to say Naan is a different subject. I play the role of a young man who wants to come up in life.

How is it to be working in front of the camera?

I was never tensed but others were, for my sake. I have acted in many plays in school and college days. I have acted in front of 1000 odd individuals and now to act in front of 50 crew members is not difficult. I think I have done my role casually and appropriately. In fact, I think it is tough to act in plays as you need to by heart lines running to pages, consider the response from the audience and also manage reactions from co-artists. But in film shooting, the scenes are shot dialogue by dialogue from different angles. To me it was an easier act.

To act in front of 50 crew

members is not difficult

I want to romance 5 heroines in

my next film

How is it to be romancing three heroines in Naan?

I am extremely happy and am contemplating to romance five heroines in my next film (laughs). Anuya, Roopa Manjari of Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru fame and a new comer Vibha are my screen partners. Director (of Naan) is my class mate and most of the crew belongs to my age group and it’s a lot of fun at the shooting spot.

You are also producing Naan. Comment

On hearing the script of Naan, I felt I could do this project and I approached my friend Venkatramani of Sandra Media and he also liked the idea. My role as a producer was also a happenstance. Instead of approaching some other producer and waiting for their approval, I thought why not I become the producer myself.

Do you have vigorous dance movements like the Nakka Mukka in Naan?

Let that be a suspense, whether I dance in the film or not.

What about the stunt scenes in Naan?

Yes, the fight sequences were tough. I understood the magnitude of the phrase ‘karanam thappinal maranam’ (a nano slip leads to death) at the shooting spot. In fact, I had fractured my leg and was limping for some time. We cannot use body double for everything. There are certain sequences which I need to do. There was a scene that warranted my action for which I had broken my knee and you will see that also in the film.

Would you continue acting?

If I like the script and can devote the right amount of time, I will certainly continue to act.

How has Velayudham music shaped up?

Velayudham has shaped up well and is nearing completion. Each song is sculpted for Vijay. It is a highly expected album. Till now I have been listening to the tracks in a technical manner to fine tune the sounds. I will listen to it while driving (as a listener) when I complete it. I am glad about the way the project has shaped up and audio will be released soon.

Each song in Velayudham is

sculpted for Vijay

Prabhakaran is a commercial

action film

What are your other projects as music director?

Apart from Velayudham, I am working in Vishal’s film being directed by Prabhu Deva which has been tentatively titled Prabhakaran which is a commercial action film. I am working for the first time with Prabhu Deva and Raja. Both Prabhu Deva and Raja are down-to-earth people. I have finished composing all the songs for Vishal’s film and the audio will be out in a couple of months. I am also doing G N Kumaravelan’s film with Bharath as the hero and whose audio will also be released soon. And so is the audio of Naan. All in all, the audio of the films that I am involved will be out almost in the same time.

Are you doing C S Amudhan’s film Nakka Mukka?

Yes, I will be doing Amudhan’s film after Naan. The title could be Nakka Mukka. It is a different subject and Amudhan is also my friend. We have not begun the project as yet and we will soon do.

Nakka Mukka, Dilamo or Usumalarse… Where do you get such phrases?

When we compose music we just use ‘thana na na’ and the lyricists give us the lyrics. Sometimes instead of ‘la la la’ or ‘thana na’ I replace with dilamo or such phrase and directors seem to like it a lot and want to use it. Now it has become my signature style and people insist on such terms. That’s how usumalarse, dilamo and nakka mukka were born.

Is there such a phrase in Naan?

Yes, it will be ‘makka laya’. You will soon listen to it.

It is ‘Makka Laya’ for Naan

I have introduced 37 singers

You are known to encourage new talents. Comment

I love to encourage and work with new talents. It is generally a struggle to get a footing in the industry and I don’t want talented people to go through that struggle. Till now I have introduced 37 singers . I had time earlier but now it is not the case. What happens is people use me as a testing scale to find out if they have singing talent at all. I am doing this as a service and would certainly continue to help the talented.

To approach me

Chennai residents who want to make it big in the industry can somehow manage to find their way. But for people living outside, it is difficult. So for those, here are the details. You can reach me at with all the details regarding your singing. Please send in your voice in a musical form which is your forte. You could be good in classical or folk. Please don’t try which you don’t find comfortable. If I like your voice, you would definitely get a call from my office.

Facebook connectivity

I would like to stay connected with my fans and if you want to get in touch with me or interact with me, you can do so through facebook.

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