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Mahesh Bhatt reveals that his daughter Shaheen attempted to commit suicide

Ace director Mahesh Bhatt is gearing up for the theatrical release of his next film, 'The Dark Side of Life: Mumbai City', said that our country lacks awareness about mental illness.

During a recent media interaction, Mahesh Bhatt addressed about many senstitive issues like loneliness, depression, sadness, suicide, mental health issues, etc. that exist in our society.

Mahesh also recollected an incident when his daughter Shaheen (Alia Bhatt's sister) attempted to commit suicide at the age of 12. He opened up by saying, "My daughter Shaheen, Alia’s elder sister, she, at the age of 16 discovered finally that she is suffering from clinical depression. In October, she is launching her own memoir in which she has talked about the kind of struggle she has gone through in that phase.

She also came to a point of attempting a suicide at the age of 12-13 so, this is the truth of my own house. Jiah Khan once came to us asking for work but that time somehow, we were not able to work with her, but later when she committed suicide and we visited her house it felt really bad"