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Akshay Oberoi's mean look in Gurgaon revealed

The good looking young actor has shed his guy next door image and will be seen in an all new mean avatar in the film. Gurgaon is about a relationship between father and son and the son's fight for entitlement, which he thinks is his birthright.

Nikki Singh is the son of a wealthy businessman who can go to any extent to achieve what he deems is rightfully his, even if his ways are morally incorrect. It's a story about the spine-chilling events that his actions set off in the lure to achieve what he wants.


Talking about his character, Akshay says, "Nikki Singh is an extremely complex character with many layers to his personality. He's the perfect example of still water runs deep. You'll never know what he's thinking and yet he sets off a series of events with his actions that spiral out of control."

Gurgaon is a noir thriller inspired by true events. It tells the story of how individual lives and dignities are crushed under the wheels of leviathan development in today’s India.

Akshay Oberoi's mean look in Gurgaon revealed

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