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I went in so late for the show!

I guess I would have clearly missed a good 20-25 minutes in the start!

The first half was entertaining and good!

The second half takes a serious turn and it’s handled well for the most part but It kind of drags towards the end!

It’s a good movie with a message in its heart rightly placed and well told!

But the film is slow-paced especially in the second half so be ready to be patient!

Sargunam shows his stamp by interlacing humor throughout the movie so that the audience doesn’t feel bored until the end of the movie and He has succeeded in this!

Some of the scenes were brilliantly conceived at parts but I felt the movie kind of ended all of a sudden without a mark in your face! There was some punch missing in the climax..!

Vimal deserves applause for choosing a role which doesn’t show him like a rock star but more of like an uncle! He is sure to stay here and hopefully climbs up the ladder soon to the big league because everything about him is  extremely promising..his acting..humor..dialogue delivery! He has done his job perfect to T and for once, we have a hero who gets beaten up by goondas like a common man and doesn’t scream "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeei" with a powerful BGM and dust flying from the sand :)!Though he does a perfect job, he still has to take care of his facial expressions at emotional scenes which was lacking in a couple of scenes!

I liked the love track a LOT and Iniyaaaaaaa :) I am your fan from now on and will watch out for her films in the future! I liked everything about her in the movie..her eyes..her gimmicks..the way she speaks..her acting..everything was mesmerizing though she is shown in a very de-glamorized way, but you still fall in love with her and the acting! May be one more muthazhagu for TC ;)

Thambhi Ramiah is turning out to be a decent supporting actor for comedy by each and every movie of his.

Bhagyaraj, Ponnvanan, Thennavan , and the rest of supporting cast are adequate! Special honors to the bunch of quirky kids! They were AWESOME and made a wonderful show whenever they appear on screen!

All the songs by Ghibran are hummable and he has done a VERY GOOD JOB in the re-recording department! His BGM's easily lift a few penultimate scenes to an altogether new level! IMPRESSIVE DEBUT! I even felt goosebumps in few scenes!

The camera work deserves a special mention and Omprakash helps the director to carry through the movie beautifully in a not-so-beautiful rustic setting! I hope he gets an award or something because the scenes are crafted & conceived so well and takes your notice at many occasions!

The editing was a concern for me. A few scenes looked out of the place especially in the second part of the second half there was clearly some sort of continuity missing like Iniya not at all reacting much after Vimal's comeback and smiling again like just she was before in love! A series of scenes just before the climax looked uncompleted and hasty!

The art director has done a commendable job as you get to see some really good references here and there for the time period giving us a glimpse of his hard work! One such was Saroja Devi in a magazine ad.

Sargunam is easily a very special talent who has this excellent knack of presenting a movie with an entertaining screenplay, witty lines, funny dialogues and decent narration! Isn’t all that we need for a decent sitting in a movie? But here in VSV he tries to send across a message or rather dedicates the movie to CHILD LABORS! Hats off to the idea itself because this is not what I was expecting from someone who made Kalavani which was a rib-tickler! I salute him for the courage because this is kind of risky when you turn serious after giving a hit with comedy! I hope the audience doesn’t disappoint him in collections so that the chance and risk pays off!

A group of guys were talking about the movie as I came out of the movie hall and here goes the convo "nalla padam aana odathu" "intha padamlan oditta namma naadu munneridume " :|

So I hope the tone is clear that this movie is not at all related to Kalavani and go with an open mind expecting a good film and you will be happy !

But still I repeat this is not a perfect film by any means it has its downslides here and there! It gets slow in the second half and partly drags towards the end..when you feel its dragging..the film ends!

The fact that I wrote so much about the movie is because I expected something entirely different from this team and what was served was a shock for me, but I still liked it!

They show their Kalavani shades by comedy here and there with the help of those chutti kids. The dialogues work in a favor of the movie as far as comedy is concerned like you get to see some double meaning jokes made in a very likeable manner and not vulgar! Thedi appila and paal varuma are TOP CLASS :P! Thunderous claps from the audience!

The audience response was overall good but I repeat don’t expect Kalavani or for that matter, don’t expect something totally out of the world! This a good movie which deserves to be watched for three reasons : An entertaining first half , engaging screenplay till the end , good performance from the lead cast especially the girl , music, humor and the message which is not preached but conveyed effectively!

3 on 5


Raaj Shravan

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