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The stakes are high! Big banner, 'king of remakes' director, 'king of remakes' actor, peppy music director and well established men in the stunt, camera and editing departments. Also, Vijay's position in the industry was at stake prior Kaavalan but post it, he gained his position and 'Velayudham' had to live up to it and it does so..not with style but with 'mass' and a little bit of 'substance'.

'Jeyam' Raja spearheads this self proclaimed non-remake project of his in his own usual style and with great potential. Drawing inspiration from the telugu flick 'Azad', Raja has come up with a cracker of a movie this Diwali and Vijay fans are already roaring in happiness.

The film starts off with the central plot and you don't see the hero for quite some time and just as the viewer waits for the hero entrance, you see Vijay in his own usual running into the screen with his ayudham and then on it is one roller coaster ride with just 3 unnecessary breaks (as in songs though they were good to watch) till the interval. Post-interval, action takes the center stage and it starts turning into a drag when suddenly you turn towards the screen for more 'paisa vasool' entertainment.

Velayudham is no doubt a usual Vijay flick with not much of logic and gravity defying stunts but what makes it click is the protagonist himself. The way he stands tall yet gelling with the co-actors so well that you forget that he was once an actor who used to shoulder his movies all by himself.

Director Raja has given enough screen presence for the hundreds of popular actors he's casted in this flick. Frankly, for every face you see on the screen and you start wondering... "Oh! He's the guy who acted in that movie.." It is one unique ensemble of a cast that Raja has brought together and each of them have proven their capabilities.

Editing by VT Vijayan is just brilliant and with the racy first half, you keep wanting for more. Cinematography by Priyan brings magic to the screen and Vijay Antony supports it with his stunning background music.

With songs already becoming chartbusters within a day of the audio release, the only thing much needed was the visuals and 'Chillax' is definitely a once more song. Hansika looks deadly and add to it Vijay's stunning steps and amazing facial expressions.

Santhanam is the captain of the comedy department as he leads a cricket 'squad' towards nothing short of a world cup victory. Rib tickling and foot tapping comedy brought not just "LOL" but also tears of laughter. Definitely one of his best performances till date. Vijay acts as 'the wall' at the other end supporting Santhanam and the duo have a great future ahead. You never stop laughing.

Hansika and Genelia have equal screen space and Raja proves that he is a director who can think from all angles. Hansika fits the role and never gives a foreigner feel to the village girl look she portrays and Genelia drops her bubbly image and has a very serious role to play and both fit their respective roles to a tee.

Stunts, though gravity defying are stunning and have the punch. Although very few of them were really gory, the others were at a different level and Vijay beats up the baddies with so much energy that you feel the heat on screen.

You have action. You have sentiment. You have awesome comedy. You have 2 hot chicks. You have a message and you have a super(star)hero as the messiah and with Aascar Ravichandran as the producer, what more do you need. A huge budget flick well made and finished with the Midas (Vijay) touch. A blockbuster for sure. And that is Velayudham for you.

Velayudham is one of the best commercial movies of Vijay!

Don't forget to watch this massive and engrossing spectacle. Watch the fireworks explode on screen with Velayudham and celebrate an environment friendly Diwali!

Note: You WILL get bored with some of the action sequences and the way the plot evolves but keep hope because Vijay finishes it off in style.

Rating: 3/5 

Velayudham: Impressive

Varun Srinivasan

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