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There has been some resentment amongst a few against Superstars fans who celebrated his return home after a bout of illness. Below is my article on corruption that was published on Jaagore.  I had to publish it here for readers to identify their stance on issues and their “Actions” towards the same. If the ones who celebrated Superstars return are to be blamed for their so called selfish behavior I would like to know what did the so called “Patriots” do apart from posting on walls of social networking sites. We missed the most important message in the movie “Unnaipol Oruvan” remake of “The Wednesday”, which was for the citizens to “ACT” not just “TALK”.


Let’s put aside all the euphoria and pride in Annaji’s notable achievement in getting the government and people of India to focus on the most important issue that maligns this country- “corruption” and showing us a way to deal with it. Every youth that proudly represent 65% of the population should feel embarrassed. Embarrassed because a 72 year old veteran representing perhaps 10% of the population achieved what the youth, with all their vitality, logistics and intelligence couldn’t achieve.

It’s no quirk that leaders of the previous generations ploughed themselves into social causes at a very young age. History of most of these leaders will show that their "Thinking” process germinated at a very young age. Even when bereft of inspiration and broad public support, they altruistically took up the cause of championing for social issues. They never looked back. Humiliation, physical torture, pain, comforts, prospects, family, friends were no excuses for them. They proudly raised the flag of revolt against the then existing malady. It’s their belief in eradicating social injustice, their willingness to die for a cause that would help the majority then and generations in future that transpired them to be such tall leaders. They didn't start revolutions or rebellions to get their name or fame. They genuinely believed in the cause. To them it was the wellbeing of the majority, the social justice, the “Truth”, that they lived and died for.

Sadly the youth of today aren't the same. Hence, it’s no surprise that we have no tall leaders after our independence in our country or across the globe. The youth of today would be happy to chronicle his/her protest on the internet. He would have his choicest opinion against our politicians and the immeasurable problems the country faces. Yet he wouldn’t budge from his seat of comfort to protest. To the youth of today it’s “his” future that counts. The very sacrifices that the earlier generations made would be the lame excuses that would desist him from storming the streets in protest for a cause. The only time he would proudly wear the country’s colours on his sleeve is when the country does well in sports. The only time he would be seen on the streets waiting, waving or excited is when his team wins or when his favourite movie gets screened. The youth of today believe it's enough registering protest on the internet. They don’t understand that change happens on the ground. Face Book, Twitter comments notwithstanding, it took thousands on the ground to force a change.

The youth of today believe in “Success”. Success that is personal. Success that turns a blind eye to the ills afflicting the majority of the society, the poor and the deprived. Even their personal trouble against the system is accepted as a way of life. Their ability to revolt and protest is feeble. They have lots of things around them that help them digress and digest their frustration against the system. A friendly “Hi” to a stranger on FB or a cup of everything but “Coffee” at a Café shop is sufficient.

Change would never happen unless the youth take up the cudgels in leading protests against misdeeds. There is no point in blaming the age of the politicians when the youth themselves are pre occupied with things that do no good for the future of the country. Cleansing the system need not happen being in the political fraternity. It can happen being out of it but being participative. Annaji proved it. Its time the youth of the country walk the path shown by our tall leaders and quite recently Annaji. Its time the 65% rise in unison in one voice against the various misdeeds and pitfalls in the system. It’s a roar the country will listen and the force the rulers to act. Let’s hope to have a voice, a true genuine “young” voice that will lead this country out of the shambles it is in. Make way Annaji……

Shreesha B U

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