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By Behindwoods Visitor V.Haricharan
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I understand that Chetan Bhagat’s ‘2 States’ has been ‘almost’ already been remade in Tamil, as ‘Abhiyum Naanum’ with Trisha and Prakashraj playing the daughter-father duo. I was not quite impressed with it, as there was no peppiness in the script. I was wondering if Chetan would actually accept the novel being made into Tamil, with appropriate changes. Now that 3 Idiots has already been released and has been receiving rave reviews, I am sure, that day too is not so far off. So here I go, letting my imagination run wild.

First of all, I would try not to make too much fun of the Tamilians, as the book does. The book goes overboard in stereotyping, but again, as the author says, we only make fun of those, whom we love very much.

Coming to the cast, as Krish, I would undoubtedly cast Sharman Joshi/Shahid Kapoor. Why? I’ve seen them both acting as the romantic Casanova, as well as the pining lovers. The smile and grace would suit Krish to a T, and also their expressions will suit the delicate moments when Ananya and his mother face-off. I find that both of them are suitable for the character of Krish. But coming to making the final cut, I think Shahid will take the cut.

For Ananya Swaminathan, the Iyer girl, who drinks beer and eats meat, I would hand it down to the ‘girl-next-door’, Trisha, but in case that does not work out, I would definitely prefer Vidya Balan. I know that has raised a few eyebrows, but hell, what’s wrong with an ‘import’ from God’s own country? Vidya Balan would pass the test of playing the IIM-Grad role with élan, and yet play the cute-
Chetan Bhagat’s ‘2 States’
Iyer-girl who always sticks to the rules that her parents lay for her. Moreover, the naughty eyes, would perfectly mimic Ananya’s character in the book. So, my vote is for Vidya Balan as Ananya.

For Krish’s mother, there is no doubt, to whom this role goes. Kirron Kher gets this, hands down. As the always grumbling mother, and going by the fact that she can easily play the part of a Punjabi. A little bit of overacting is required here, which I am sure, comes naturally to her..!!

For Krish’s father, I would prefer Pankaj Kapoor, Yes, Shahid’s father. He can act as the bad-tempered, foul mouthed guy who later turns jovial for his son’s sake.

Ananya’s mother. A married, yet unassuming housewife, who wants to do something in life, but is restricted by the society and her role in the family, I would put in Revati Sankaran – Yes the same versatile lady from Radio Mirchi’s Alli Darbar. I think she will do the role justice. For Ananya’s father, have no doubt, it is Manobala. As the Iyer father, who reads The Hindu, is very sarcastic, likes to drink on the sly, wants his son to crack the IIT, and is skeptical about North Indians; I believe his role will be the most comical one in the entire movie. Manobala with his thin lanky frame and Sharman with his authentic, ‘i-am-stuttering-and-confused’ looks, this crazy combination is sure to rock the screen.

For the role of Krish’s boss in office, I would personally recommend Santosh. He is the guy who played the role of the immediate manager for Harpreet in Rocket Singh. Remember him? His French beard, ‘Devil-may-care’ attitude, and his timing will suit the role of Krish’s manager to a T.

As the old Punjabi lady who passes cheeky comments, Zohra Sehgal would look good.

There are plenty of other characters that have to be cast wisely, like the house owner of the flat where Krish lives. I would give this to Pandu, who I think will make the audience eat of his hands. Ananya’s aunt, can be Renuka of Premi and Kathal Pagadai fame. I am sure, she would do justice to the role of a potential matchmaker who is talkative and at the same time, asserts her superiority over her brother’s wife. Now that would be a contest… Revathi Sankaran pitted against Renuka…!! For the others, it would be proper if the casting is taken seriously.

There has to be a close watch on too much Hindi or too much of Tamil in the movie. The blend has to be right. There have to be subtitles whenever the language shift occurs. Scenes have to be authentic to be credible. Right background score is very important. For the songs, there is very little scope for them, though some comical background score will be very helpful for the movie. Harris Jayaraj would be a good bet. I would love to see Imtiaz Ali of Jab We Met take up this assignment. With his creativity and enthusiasm, I am sure; he would have another winner on his hands.

Of course, I would love to write the dialogues!!

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