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Vasool Raaja MBBS - Review

Director            : Saran

Cast                  : Kamal, Prabhu, Sneha, PrakashRaj

Music                : Bharadwaj

Lyrics                : Vairamuthu

Art Director      : Mohana Mahendran

Cameraman    : A.Venkatesh

Dialogues        : Crazy Mohan



he Kamal-Crazy Mohan combo has come with yet another laughter medicine. ‘Vasool Raja MBBS’, the tamil version of Munnabhai MBBS, has come under the banner of Gemini Film Circuit. After a long time, Prabhu has acted along with Kamal, playing the role of ‘vaddi’. The movie is not just filled with comedy; it includes a blend of humor and sentiments. It does bring out social issues along; like the way patients are treated in government hospitals.


   Kamal plays the role of a thug who threatens the creditors to pay the unreturned debts.  He takes a part of the collected money as wages. But to his parents, he acts like as if he is a doctor running his own clinic by the name of his father. Nagesh and Rohini Hattangady have aptly played the role of father and mother. Whenever Nagesh and Rohini visit their son, the gangsters set up their place like a hospital until they leave back to the village.

 Fate brings this story to an end when Nagesh meets his childhood friend Prakash Raj, who is a Dean in the Medical College Hospital. Nagesh and Prakash Raj decide that Kamal should marry Sneha who is PrakashRaj’s daughter. When Nagesh visits PrakashRaj with his family, Kamal’s actual profession is brought to daylight. Ashamed and shocked by his son’s deeds, Nagesh and Rohini return back to their village with a broken heart.



Realizing his mistake, Kamal takes a vow to marry Sneha after becoming a real doctor. He threatens a professor (Crazy Mohan) and wins a seat in the medical college. The rest of the film revolves in the hospital. Kamal impresses everyone by treating patients by pouring love and affection on them. The rest of the story is about how he earns the love of Sneha and approval of Prakashraj. The whole movie runs at a faster pace with Kamal changing his role from a gangster to a medical student.



Karunas and Prabhu team up with Kamal to tickle the audience. Kamal exhibits the exuberance of talent in both comedy and emotions. None can be par with Kamal in changing the mood of the audience within a few seconds. ‘kaaka’ Radhakrishnan steals the show in his role as a 12 year long coma patient.  Though Sneha doesn’t have too much scope, she has done justice to the role as a charming doctor. Crazy Mohan has once again proved to be the best comedy writer in tamil cinema.

 Bharadwaj’s music score, though not upto his ‘Autograph’ mark, has been quite impressive. ‘cheena thaana’ and ‘alwarpettai aaluda’ will be heard around for a long time.

Other songs lack freshness and sound pretty ordinary. Director Charan has handled the movie pretty well, but the later part of the movie seemed to drag a bit. He has extracted excellent performances from his cast.  

On the whole, Vasool Raaja MBBS neither disappoints the audience nor the producers.