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"M.Kumaran Son Of Mahalakshmi" - Review:

MKSM - Another successful remake from the "Jayam" band wagon...

"M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi" (MKSM) is the remake of the successful film "Amma Nanni O' Tamil Ammaiye".

The "Jayam" team regroups to give this movie. Raja is the director and Ravi is the hero. Asin pairs up with Ravi in this film. Old time favorite heroine Nadiya stars as Ravi's mother.

Now the story - Kumaran(Ravi) grows by the care of his mother, Mahalakshmi(Nadiya), who is left out by her husband Prakash Raj, who is a kick boxer. Kumaran is also trained to be a kick boxer by his mother.

Meanwhile, he also falls in love with his darling Malabar(Asin). A very friendly relationship prevails between Kumaran and Mahalakshmi. She encourages him to be national champion in kick boxing. One day she dies of heart attack. Before her death, she reveals to her son about his father.

Kumaran goes to Malaysia in search of his father and teach him a lesson, only to find him already acquainted with his own family. Kumaran changes his mind and joins in his father's kick boxing training concern. There he finds his father in trouble with his old student. The tussle, which takes places after that is the rest of the story.

Ravi has put up quite some muscle to look and feel like a real kick boxer. Nadiya is quite outstanding after a long time. However the love scenes between Ravi and Asin are not that outstanding. Director Raja has done well for his second film. He has well defined the relationship between a mother and a son in this movie. But some may feel that the film is too much emotional.

The comedy part by Vivek and his gang looks like a retro from many of his previous movies.

Music in the movie is not much to write about, but one song "neeye neeye..." was of a ok standard.

Picturisation is also average.

Other casts in the film include Vaiyapuri, Janakaraj, Manobala etc...

The movie can be seen once for Ravi and Nadiya.