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Production: DC Comics, New Line Cinema Cast: Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Zachary Levi Direction: David F. Sandberg Screenplay: Henry Gayden Story: Henry Gayden Music: Benjamin Wallfisch Background score: Benjamin Wallfisch

Shazam, the next Superhero of DC Comics, has come to theatres now. Has Shazam impressed us with much ‘wow’ or has it been just another addition to the fiction characters that Hollywood movies introduce to us? Let’s know more!

Just like every superhero movie ever, the movie starts with a clueless scene that shows an underestimated kid and his desire to be something more. There is not much cliché in the story that comes ahead. We are introduced to a young boy, Billy, who plays pranks on police and keeps escaping foster homes in search of lost parents.

Interestingly, the villain’s story starts unfolding sooner and he becomes a ‘supervillain’ in no time. Billy, accidentally, lands in a wizard's castle and gets superpowers. What follows is a very entertaining and interesting story that is extremely different from the usual. Our Superhero has an interesting sidekick, from his Foster home, Freddy. Freddy tests the now Superhero Billy (whose superhero name keeps changing very often) to find out his abilities.

A Superhero, who poses to selfies for money and uses his abilities to be a street performer and earn money, by accident, makes a blunder mistake and puts people’s lives at stake. He saves them (as usual), but before the celebration breaks in, the villain enters his life and smashes him to the ground in no time. From then on, the villain becomes the super one and our hero just keeps escaping from him rather than fighting back. At one point, Billy realizes that he is not a superhero but just a person with superpowers and runs away.

Billy, then, finds the solution to his childhood trauma. What’s more impressive is that the movie doesn’t become cinematic or typical after that; instead, it gives a neat diversion to the story. From that moment on, the excitement just starts to building up. The clever usage of the brand of DC gives goosebumps every now and then.

The colour tone used is very different from any of the DC movies, including Aquaman. There is no too much use of radiating colours, not much artificial touch but looks very elegant and natural. The music elevates the Superhero moments with all its might and the sound effects are not overdone but they play along just as enough to lend good support to screenplay. Special effects have been handled carefully and that’s why the film looks very close to reality.

The director has intended to give a Superhero film which would appear like it can happen anywhere and he has neatly accomplished it. He has brought out the comedy element extremely well and all the Superhero moments are not exaggerated much but just enough to break out an applause.

The (d)evil nature of the villain is established with suave and style and it deserves a praise. The hints the wizard provides which becomes a major twist, the amazing performances by kids, the scene where Shazam finds out he can fly and finally the last scene of the movie, all these are guaranteed goosebumps moments.

Shazam is an extremely fun ride where DC movies have got off their usual track and come up with a superhero who is not just mighty and powerful but also funny, practical and close to reality. The movie also deals with love and family which fall right into place. Overall, we are offered a very entertaining and interesting ride.

Verdict: Shazam has great momentum and amazing surprises to fall in love with the new superhero. Don't miss the fun!


3.25 5 ( 3.25 / 5.0 )



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Shazam! (aka) Shazam DC Films

Shazam! (aka) Shazam DC Films is a English movie. Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Zachary Levi are part of the cast of Shazam! (aka) Shazam DC Films. The movie is directed by David F. Sandberg. Music is by Benjamin Wallfisch. Production by DC Comics, New Line Cinema.