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Music you wouldn’t want to miss- Bollywood Deepavali
By Behindwoods News Bureau.
November 06, 2007
It’s a tough job trying to stay up to date with all that happens in the world of cinema. Much tougher than what it was a few years ago. Now with big banners and big stars releasing movies every other week there is not much time to relax. Especially if you are the type who likes to keep track of all the sound tracks that keep coming out then you have a very tough job.

Because if you have ‘N’ number of films then there are at least twice many numbers of songs for you to sample. We know that you are at the moment busy preparing yourself for Deepavali and having your ears and minds full with the new Tamil music that has hit the stands. But we thought that there might be some songs that you might rue missing a few months down the line and we don’t want you to accuse us of not telling you that such good music was actually around. So, during the best time of the year we decided to bring you some Bollywood music which we thought you might enjoy. After all, music has no barriers of language.

Chak De India

First a belated announcement actually long overdue. Chak De India, Never mind if it is nearly 4 months since the movie actually hit screens. If there is anyone who has still not heard the title song please grab it as early as you can. By now, the song rendered with rare passion and energy by Sukhvinder Singh has outgrown the status of being a film song and almost become a national sports and youth anthem. Remember, when India won the 20-20 world cup, this was the song that was the music of victory. It makes something swell from within. For those of you who have already heard it, you must be getting that feeling again.

Now lets get down to Deepavali and the festival music.

We have two musicals coming up. Well, if you don’t want to call them musicals its fine. But you cannot deny that both the movies are giving a lot of emphasis to music. So, here we are, Om Shanthi Om and Saawariya and now we have a new entry which of course will hit screens only for Christmas- Taare Zameen Par.

Om Shanti Om
1. Om Shanthi Om

Not one great album by any standards. But there is silver lining- not to say that the rest is a cloud. So we decided to pick just the two songs for you. One is really good, the other- well that depends strictly on your tastes.

Aankhon Mein Teri…..

This is most definitely the pick of the album. A melody woven around a man describing the beauty of his lady love. Sweetly rendered, a soothing feel and very soft music with almost no beats makes this song a relaxing experience. You will love this one if you don’t hate slow songs on principle.

Dard –e-disco

Strictly for SRK fans. If you admire the transformation that he has undergone to get a six pack and if you think that SRK- Sukhvinder Singh combination is always a hit (it dates back to Chaiyya Chaiyya of Dil Se) and if you basically love songs with a different feel then go for this one – you won’t be disappointed.

2. Saawariya

11 songs make up the album but here too we decided to take out just the two which we are sure you will enjoy.


The title song is sweet, energetic, youthful, joyful, romantic- all in one. The male voice is refreshing; the instruments suit the mood of the song to near perfection. The best thing is that it has been kept simple and that adds to the beauty. You will love it the first time you hear it.

Jab Se Tere Naina

Another song that is an ode to what the eyes of a girl can do to her lover- the theme never loses its sheen. This time Shaan does the rendition. It captures your imagination. The chorus in the background that keeps coming at regular intervals is great. Bhansali’s picturization will sure take the song to great heights.

3. Taare Zameen Par

This was not meant to be an album with the regular romantic or fast numbers. It is a children’s movie and the album sticks to it. Kids might enjoy the one or two songs from it, especially the Jame Raho and Bheja Kum numbers for their rebel and fun feel.

Well, these are the songs that we picked for you from a pool of almost 30 odd songs. We don’t mean to say that what is not on this list is not good. Check out for yourself what else Bollywood has to offer. Hey don’t forget you’ve got Khoya Khoya Chand and Jodha Akbar coming soon.

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