Review by : Harish V
Starring: Rajendra Prasad, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Sandhya Mridul, Rambha.
Direction: Shashanka Ghosh
Music: Daniel George
Production: Anand Surapur
The mid 90s saw a hit Channel 'V' series of gags which had a south Indian cowboy character called Murugun, which was loved by the audience. The character got rebooted by Shahrukh for a five minute rip roaring affair in his hit film 'Om Shanti Om', where his 'enda rascala, mind it!' mannerisms became an anthem for the youth across the nation. This also propelled a Dhoni - Pepsi Ad which became a success as well. With the character seeing successful 5 odd minute avatars on television, movies and ads, it was with great expectation did I go to the theaters to see the 80 minute version of the legendary character. And this being Fox's first entry into India the expectation meter soared even higher.

Did this bigger version live up to the expectations? Yes, but only to an extent. This 80s homage of masala potboilers has a dragging first half but the second half goes in jet speed. The producers should be lauded for trying something as wacky as this, surely a landmark movie .

  Quick Gun Murugan
The story revolves around Quick Gun Murugun (Dr. Rajendra Prasad), a brave south Indian cowboy who decides to take on an evil hotel owner Rice plate Reddy (Nasser), who is trying to spread non-vegetarianism. Reddy kills Murugun, but 20 years later he comes back from the grave (from yamalok to be precise) to take his revenge and save all the cows from the evil Reddy. And he does that in style with the help of a cabaret dancer/Reddy's Mistress Mango Dolly (Ramba).

The movie was decent, but did not live up to the hype and hoopla. The promos were hilarious, but the gags in the trailers and the teasers were the only time in the movie you do laugh aloud and the gags just stop there. The director had the idea right, but messed with the execution in the first half. In the second half he did take control of the proceedings only to miss the train in the climax.

Technically the movie was as good as a spoof should be. Cinematography by R.A. Krishna was decent, the special effects were tacky, but worked quite well for this kind of film. The background score was brilliant, every character had a tune and it worked wonders. The editing was not that great but who's complaining? The dialogues were funny and the subtitles of the Tamil dialogues were written exceptionally well. Dialogues like 'If you are lightning, I am 220 watts current, I say!' and the pun dialogue mouthed by Rajendra Prasad while in the bed with Ramba cracks up the entire theatre.

The Telugu superstar Dr. Rajendra Prasad rocked as Murugun. He has lived up to the character much better than all the other avatars of Quick Gun Murugun that we have seen before. Anu Menon/Lolla kutty as the Locket lover did a nice little cameo. Nasser the great actor he is, should have worked real hard to overact to such an extent, but the character demands that and he makes an impact. Raju Sundaram was a blast as Rowdy MBA. He was very adorable as this comical baddy. Ramba is acting in a spoof for the first time, but she is not new to the role as she has played umpteen such characters in other films. Vinay Pathak as Chitragupthan was wasted, but not as much as the makers have wasted a talent like Ranvir Shorey who is hardly there for a minute. Despite this, both do bring some star power to this south dominated show. All the other actors did their part quite well.

Overall the movie lacked the punch which was required. It has few good laughs, but is not funny enough to become a box-office success. But the movie would surely make the producers happy as even though it is made on a shoe-string budget, due to the hype that was created, the weekend will draw huge crowds to the cinema halls. Besides the movie has already broken even thanks to the dubbing rights, music rights and the satellite rights. Go for this if you have time to spare and you haven't seen the trailers of the movie yet.

Verdict: Think before you step in, Mind it !!

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