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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

Behindwoods Tamil Cinema Progressive is a new initiative to recognize and laud individuals who have associated themselves with gutsy new-wave cinema with an eye on taking Tamil cinema forward.

Y NOT Studios is a production house which has lived up to its name and has always been at the forefront of interesting, never-seen-before themes. Films like Thamizh Padam and the recent Vaayai Moodi Pesavum represent the brand fittingly and we have Kaaviya Thalaivan coming up next from this firm.

In a chat with Behindwoods as part of our “Tamil Cinema Progressive” initiative, S.Sashikanth of Y NOT Studios talks about his firm and their modus-operandi.

Your company's mission and vision statement

We look for something beyond and away from the formula fare. The name Y NOT is not a question, it’s an answer.


How do you go about the process of deciding your production ventures?

I don’t consider the size of a film being big or small but it should be away from the tried and tested templates and should cater to all kinds of audience. We aspire to make any film which is entertaining as I don’t like art house films.

The film should also reflect the ideology of the company and it should be viable, both content wise and money wise. It should be well-rounded in both the critical and commercial sense. An ideal balance should be there.


How important is a team's previous track record and experience, when you decide to associate with that particular team?

We can’t assume anything based on track record. We have introduced 2 new directors and have also worked with an Oscar winner. A newcomer and an Oscar winner give a different set of parameters. Big names don’t always guarantee good products and new talent needn’t always be below-par. We can’t assume anything or make such judgments.

As a producer, one should show due diligence and has to communicate well.


Do you have any fears regarding the failure of your project at the box-office?

We should always be prepared for the worst case and best case scenarios. Being aware of all scenarios and outcomes is a must.

Fear is a part and parcel of life and it is actually the affirmation of life. Confidence and fear are two sides of the same coin. There should be an ideal balance between the both, say 55 % confidence and 45% fear.


What change would you like to bring about or see in the industry?

Professionalism needs to be inculcated. Producers shouldn’t just have a dream and loads of money; they should also be well-prepared and should approach things professionally. Even creative people starting from the directors to technicians to the actors should learn the craft properly.



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