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Vazhthukal - Music Review

Maddy & Seeman come together yet another time after their successful partnership in Thambi. This time they have Yuvan for company. First thing first, Yuvan is in a completely different mood this time and it shows in the album. No waste of talent on remixes or techno gimmicks whatsoever, perhaps something which Seeman might have to be lauded.

Now for the songs,


Chinna Chinna - Shwetha

A sweet melody that reminds us of the songs of the 90’s, Shweta lends some flavor to the song. Orchestration doesn’t offer too much variety, except at the start where the flutes and violin pieces appear promising. Lyrics indicate that it is a song about a girl in praise of her household.

Enthan Vaanamum Neethan - Haricharan, Mahathi

A romantic number, which hints at a guy expressing his love for his girl and her reciprocation. Interesting saxophone and guitar interludes along with an interesting harmony make this a hummable and foot tapping number. Lyrics are sweet and convey the emotions vividly. Very situational, some good visuals can propel the song higher.

Unmela Aasapattu - Anuradha Sriram, SPB Saran

A rhyming slow folk number with a slow tempo but interesting rhythms, it banks largely on the lyrics and the voices of its singers Anuradha Sriram and SPB Saran. A very predictable beat is heard throughout the song. One which might grow on you over a couple of listening.

Enthan Vaanamum Neethan - Rahul, Rajakumari

A repeat of the earlier number with almost similar lyrics but different singers this time around. Instrumentation seems largely similar and as for the reasons for two versions, will only be evident in the movie. The female voice which sounds huskier in this number is the only obvious difference between the two.

Kannil Vanthathum - Haricharan

A slow sad number well rendered by Haricharan about reminiscing lost love. Meaningful lyrics accompanied by symphonic arrangement of violin and piano elevate the song to a different level altogether.

Pookkal Rasithathu - Haricharan

A dance number that sounds familiar in beats and use of instruments. Seems like a half hearted effort with the chorus and the violin interludes alone offering some relief. Lyrics are light and simple.

Muzhumai Nilla - Sri Ram Parthasarathy

The only classical song mellifluously rendered by Sri Ram, the poetic quality of the lyrics only adding to it. Definitely the pick of the album, sure to linger in listeners ears long after the movie is gone as testimony to good melody. Orchestration is traditional, reminiscent of his father maestro Ilayaraja’s numbers.


There are musical pieces in the album where Yuvan displays his genius streak. But overall, he gives us an impression of a music director on a time chase, someone in a hurry who wants to set some kind of record on the number of songs composed by an individual. If only he could take some more time, we would have someone who is capable of even giving his illustrious father, a run for money.

Genius in flashes

Overall rating :
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